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    give Turalyon and Alleria to the alliance and rexxar to the horde a really good show for returning heros

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninotchka View Post
    It's been years since they disappeared, and they've probably gone through quite a bit in that time. Couples don't always stay together. It's possible that during their adventures in the beyond they grew apart, or someone betrayed someone else, and we'll get a hero for each side. The expansion could be the story of their battle, and their reconciliation. All sorts of opportunities for drama.

    That would be nicely complex, although I know it would disappoint the people who want a simple romantic story. I like my romances more complex.
    Let's not turn WoW into a sappy romance novel, people. Alleria hates the Horde races; same with Turalyon. It's highly unlikely that if they do split that they'd split factions as well.

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    He could just as easily mean they show up only at the very end of the expansion and say "the BL is back and we need your help", then we get BL in the next one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scummer View Post
    I dread them being made neutral. But Blizzard/Metzen did at the very least note that they realised people disliked Thrall going neutral, so I see that as a good sign at the very least.

    I would be devastated though if Turalyon went neutral.
    Perhaps he'll only be pseudo-neutral like Malfurion? Turalyon could potentially deal with the Horde (if he's led to believe it is necessary), though do so rather grudgingly and unhappily, watching them carefully and stating how he'll judge this 'New Horde' in time. Or Alleria could take his place, dealing with envoys of High Elves and Blood Elves (and maybe some Dark Rangers), a bit confused about the changes that have befallen her people but keeping the bigger picture in mind while still remaining Alliance at heart.

    Whatever the case, I'm quite psyched! I hope Heroes of the Storm is real now.

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