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    I want to see how much I can sell this bow for. (It's not great, but its worth something, at least I hope)

    DPS 1035
    Dex 144
    LOH 841

    I couldnt find anything similar on the AH. The closest I found had 900+ DPS.


    PS the superman vs goku thread was epic.

    Goku would easily win tho( no need to even go supersaiyan)

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    Its worth almost nothing :P

    Low DPS
    No crit
    Only good thing is socket.

    But noone will buy that so they cna buy a 12 mil socket and get crit.

    Sorry to say it Maybe 100? 200k max

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    A thread dedicated to this kind of requests! I guess the Mods will move your post but might as well post it there.
    "No more tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering."

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    not very good, not a lot
    게임 은 어렵~~

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