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    Ruins of Gan-Shi

    I've completed the entire Jade Forest zone. The only spot I missed was the Ruins of Gan Shi. It's the only one left to get my achievement. I'm so lost. Help? Thank you.

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    Bumping because I'm so f'ing lost it's unreal.

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    there's a quest that you can pick up from the ground in the north of the jade forest, there's actually a quest marker on your map when you get semi close, I believe it's called outcast sprite or something.

    for reference it's somewhat close to where you do the quests to get jade for the mean queen of green.

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    I believe I did that. Then it just dropped.

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    Have you tried logging in and out? I had the Tiam Monastery quest line not get checked off for me after I turned in the last quest and relogging fixed it.

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    Bumping because I'm so f'ing lost it's unreal.
    Are you using Apple maps?
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    Look around the this area of the map. Theres a spear on the ground at the start of the ruins

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