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    Windwool Cloth - Excessive Drop Rate

    Does anyone else find the drop rate for Windwool Cloth very excessive? It seems to drop even more than Netherweave Cloth did in TBC (and that was way higher than the Frostweave/Embersilk Cloth drops).

    In levelling from 85-90 (including 85-87 in instances barely getting any cloth), I got enough cloth to level Tailoring to 600, level First Aid to 600 and am still 35 stacks to spare. The price per stack on my server is already down to 25g on day one of the expansion. Embersilk Cloth was 50g+ even up to last week. At this rate, it will like be vendored.

    I think they should really tone down the drop rate. If not, it will severely impact the ability to make gold from farming cloth, and will probably also drag down the prices of spellthreads, impacting tailoring's profitability.

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    Found it extremely excessive. Just from 89-90, I had enough cloth in my bags to level first aid after I dinged 90.

    I also find it amusing that you can trade one Spirit of Harmony for one stack of 20 windwool cloth, but in the farming of those 10 motes of harmony, you would probably end up looting 3-5 stacks of cloth.

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    As a non tailor I had about 7-8 stacks when I dinged 90. Doesn't seem that extreme to me?

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    85-87 = 2 stacks of cloth. Sounds like they need to tone down the 'talent' that gives tailors extra cloth.
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    Drop rate seems a bit high, especially with how easy the craft is to level, I used 2 levels worth of cloth and I already went from 525 to making my first daily cloth.

    Approx 8 stacks in 2 levels, judging by other posts though it seems like maybe I'm just lucky, or I dungeon way less.

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    I've gotten like 12 or so stacks of cloth by the time I hit 88 without Tailoring. All of the profession materials except motes of harmony are pretty common. Heck, ore nodes on my low pop server are respawning like crazy. I had enough ore at 88 to level both engineering and jewelcrafting to max.

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    I'm at 3 stacks and just dinged 86. Non tailor here.

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    Yeah, I had about 20 stacks leftover after maxing out my first aid, and I'm only level 87. I'm not a tailor.

    The drop rate does seem insane, but I'm guessing it's intended and they will scale it back. Same with the ore nodes. I was able to max out my mining AND JC as well before I even left Valley of the Four Winds.

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    I was suprised by it too especially compared to "low" droprate of embersilk, I've almost got first-aid to 600 just in Jade Forest.
    I imagine it will be tuned down a notch after the initial rush. If I remember correct something similar was done with the quickrespawning Whiptail in Uldum.

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    before i went to pandaria i got the bolt recipe, just started to level it up more and i have 215 bolts O.o

    i've had my mage friend feeding me his cloth so i can level up faster but him being non tailor he's only given me like 5 stacks maybe. imo it's just this expansion has an excessive amount of humanoid mobs
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    Half way through 89 right now, I've gotten WELL over 50 stacks of cloth so far

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    Hey they are just making up for the crap drop rate of Embersilk Cloth.

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    Seems very high yes. I don't mind it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dankestbuds View Post
    but in the farming of those 10 motes of harmony, you would probably end up looting 3-5 stacks of cloth.
    Where the hell are you farming motes? If you only get 3 stacks of cloth by the time you have 10 motes, tell me your secrets!(88 and only 2 SoH)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dandy View Post
    Where the hell are you farming motes? If you only get 3 stacks of cloth by the time you have 10 motes, tell me your secrets!(88 and only 2 SoH)
    I wouldent mind getting to know a good spot to farm Motes of Harmony aswell since i am currently lvl 88 and only got 40 of them, and i need 12 Spirit of Harmony to be ready for raiding X_x

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    Non-tailor pala 87,5 in KLS, have 16,5 stacks of windwool, 29 motes of harmony. Half of this motes i´ve got in one place in Krasarang in 45min +-
    I don´t care about raiding since we downed Chogall and even with five months break I still play, MoP looks good for people like me, lots of staff to do (and no, I do NOT mean pet battles I like questing, playing AH and leveling alts and professions except inscript. and BS+eng., don´t like the two or three
    But yeah, in live there is higher respawn rate then in beta was, more cloth drops either, incoming nerfs...
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    I see a lot of people 'complaining' about the high drop of ore, cloth, etc.

    Keep in mind, that stuff is easy and cheap, but the higher level stuff will not be so easy.

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    Dont forget that you're killing more mobs than you'll ever see at 90, so of course you'll get tons while leveling, but only a low to average amount when doing dailies at 90. Plus i'm noticing very little drops in dungeons, so after the big influx of those getting stacks while leveling dies off, the prices and supply should normalize.

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    If you want to make money through tailoring embersilk cloth farming and making bags is the way to go. =)

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    Blizzard doesn't want you to get frustrated in case it doesn't drop.
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