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    This should be done in the Proving grounds not normal map.

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    nah... those "health packs" are dumb.

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    Someone with ridiculous self sustain and lots of health, aka Voliball or Mundo. I would say Riven, but she needs a ton of feed to be that self sustaining.

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    Any thoughts as to how Kha'zix would fare 1v1? He's got loads of damage, some survivability and decent mobility.

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    Let's face it : nobody would play game like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epialt View Post
    You could say.... if 2 players with equal skill cap take each other on in the 3rd game... it's all about luck.
    But ye... how else would you do it ? This game was never ment to be balanced with 1on1.

    On the other hand, the last tournament showed alot of 2:0 tbh.
    We will have players that come from 1000 > 2500 elo.

    It's not a pro. event, it's more like, HAVE FUN ... learn a thing or 2.

    Dude just make it blind pick the whole way through. There's nothing to debate. It's 100% more fair than your idea.

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    Nidalee, Jayce, Evelynn, Pantheon, Heimer, LB, all good picks. If I wasn't planning on playing, I'd ban out Heimer, LB and Jayce.

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