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    Looking for a pet battle addon...

    Ok so yeah i gotta catch em all.... Looking for an addon that will change the mouse over on the mini map for the battle pet icons, so it will show me if i have that pet already or not. at the base thats all i need, maybe in addition some more info like if i have that pet what rarity i have, or how many of that type i have, but those would just be bonus bits

    looking over the addons on curse, havnt found one yet with this specific feature, anyone know of one that does?
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    It doesn't use the Minimap, but http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/battlepetcount will display information when you mouseover the actual animal. There's also a note in the comments on how to get it to display rarity if ones already owned.

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    From what I recall the minimap is locked down pretty tight, I don't think there is much we can change on it.
    Whether that extends to minimap tooltips or not I'm not sure.

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    I found this one today:

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    The one Matchu mentioned does what you want. When you hover over the minimap it show whether you have or don't have the pet. It also shows the rarity when you already have the pet.

    When you hover over the pet itself it shows even more info. During a battle it will also show the rarity of the pet(s) you're fighting against and whether you already have it or not (including the level and rarity) so you can decide which one to capture.

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    http://www.warcraftpets.com/downloads/pet_addons/ Here you go. I personally use: Pokemon Trainer: The Pet Battle Mod, PetJournal Enhanced, Pet Battle Quality Glow (Must Have), PetBattle Teams.

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    I had an addon which gave me enemy action buttons above mine so I could see what do enemy pet spells do and what's their CD. But I cannot find it anymore. Does anyone have any idea which addon is that?

    Thank you in advance.

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    PetTracker has that feature (though it's got other things that you may or may not want).

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    thank you a lot

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