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    Quote Originally Posted by transorD View Post
    The Onyxian Whelpling. If I see it on the other player's team and it's the highest level pet on their roster, I know that I've already lost.
    I was very surprised to see the damage from it at level 1, nevermind now that it is at level 5 (just started) and hitting pretty hard

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    BTW, where can I find out where to look up the rare pets or do I have to be lucky?

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    I personaly use warcraft pets to look up pets. Just go to the battle info tab and you can change between poor-rare and different levels and the different stat versions that can drop with the left right arrows.

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    A pet that I have yet to see anyone using (mine is only common quality so I haven't tried this yet, either) that seems incredibly effective in Nordrassil Wisp.

    It is one of the very few pets that can combine a movement that causes blinding status and gains an attack which gets benefit from it. On top of this combination, he also has high speed and Soul Ward.

    With Light, Blinding Flash, and Sould Ward all having a 3 round cooldown, you can get a "rotation" of sorts.

    First round : Soul Ward (opponent's attack blocked)
    Second round : Blinding Flash (opponent's attack misses)
    Third round : Light (opponent's attack misses)
    Fourth round : pass (opponent attacks normally)

    If you can get this pet rare quality, I'd definitely use this.

    Other very good pets are Netherwhelp (with Soul Rush and Phase Shift), Dark Phoenix Hatchling (with Dark Rebirth), Lil' Deathwing or Dark Whelpling (Roll/Roar in combination with Tail Sweep does massive damage), Gilnean Raven (can cause blind through Call Darkness and use Nocturnal Strike), Fel Flame and Searing Scorchling (one of the best two move combo pets with Scorched Earth and Conflagrate), Frigid Frostling and Water Waveling can combine Chilled effect with moves that gain additional damage from it (Water Waveling's is far superior since it's spammable).

    All in all, there's not really any one true "OP" pet (at least now that Chew has been severely nerfed). A long list of pets have good combinations of moves. Personally, I think that slimes are very good (Jade Oozeling and Disgusting Oozeling). They can combine Absorb (a damage/heal move) with two moves that cause the opponent to take additional damage (Acidic Goo and Corrosion). On top of the fact that this moveset is full hybrid (the moves being Undead, Magic, and Critter), combined with the fact that these pets are health-based (meaning that hit points will be their highest overall statistic for growth) makes them incredibly resilient without relying on straight mitigation and focusing purely on offensive capability.
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    Im using:
    Lil tarcgosa
    And a elemental dragon (cant remeber the name, but you Can check my armory)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uko View Post
    I love my molten hatchling it has so much self heals it was soloing 3 packs of lvl 24 pets at lvl 19. That said spiders of any kind seem like the most op beast types.
    Any turtle or crab can solo 3 pets around that level. I use them as secondaries when leveling another type of pet, so I know I can always finish the battle. Crawdad, of course, being the best of the bunch with Wish.

    Spiders are fun in PvE, but their health pools are too small to survive 2-turn hard hitters like Blighthawk in PvP.

    Infected Squirrel has an interesting skill set. It worked well in PvE, but I've yet to try him in PvP. He plays sorta like a slime or ooze, but his main attack hits harder while under the effect of his buff.

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    Oozes are like mini affliction warlocks. Dot up the enemy, and then either deal major damage to em, or drain thier life.
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    CRITHTO Is the most OP Pet

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    i alternate between my crawling hand and fozzilized raptor in one slot my rocket bot in one and the most powerful one is my strand crab, not alot of people can evn get him to half health, and I have won alot more than I have lost

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    Quote Originally Posted by jd812 View Post
    i alternate between my crawling hand and fozzilized raptor in one slot my rocket bot in one and the most powerful one is my strand crab, not alot of people can evn get him to half health, and I have won alot more than I have lost
    I randomly stumbled across a rare strand crab and said, "eh, I need a water pet." I didn't realize it would be one of my main ones now

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    Ghostly Skull - if you can use it well. And by well I mean timing the ability which sacrifices itself to put the 50% more debuff on the ENTIRE enemy team for 9 TURNS.

    To the people that are saying "oh but you sacrifice itself, removing 33% of the equation" etc etc.

    You DO NOT sacrifice it when it still has 100% HP remaining, that's just stupidity.

    Because it's an undead, when it dies it comes back to life for 1 turn - thats when you sac it. It will die anyway in the next turn so it's not such a big loss. The buff it gets when it comes back to life prevents it from being killed if the enemy pet goes first (which it most likely will due to higher speed.. the speed on the Ghostly Skull is terrible).

    The only counter to that is to have a DoT on the Ghostly Skull when the coming back to life buff runs out. Your main attack wont kill it, but the DoT will on the Ghostly Skulls next turn, preventing it from sacrificing itself.

    If you dont manage to put a DoT on it, then GG, entire team will have +50% dmg taken for 9 turns.

    Then a pet which can Moonfire for 10% extra Magic Damage. Celestial Dragon is a good choice.

    Then Disgusting Oozeling - 2 DoTs (1 of which is Magic), and the Absorb. You can take ~500-600 dmg from the enemy pet EACH TURN from the combined debuffs alone - (the 2 dots buff each others magic dmg, 50% dmg from ghostly skull sac, 10% dmg buff from Moonlight weather effect buffing 1 of the DoTs). And then you just Absorb for around ~450-500, healing yourself up for 450 in the process.

    The main thing revolves around being able to stop that Ghostly Skulls sac, so having a pet that can DoT which lasts for 2+ turns is essential if you want to win against this combo

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    I use GRunty, Mini-Thor and Wolf Pup (The one you get from a goblin quest inUBRS or LBrS dont recall which was luke 5 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teebo View Post
    lil tarecgosa seems decent.

    landro's lichling seems kinda weak.
    I'm using Lil' KT and he's pretty decent for me at least, aren't they pretty much the same pet? Landro's Lichling that is
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    Been using Oozeling, Personal World Destroyer, Plotting with the last slot now. Probably going to pick up one of them books near dalaran in the next patch and have it follow me around.

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    Oozelings are actually really good... but i still prefer my Clockwork Gnome with Turret and Repair.. the last slot as filler... or you can swap turret for Rocket Launch which is basically 2 turns for massive damage. turret is good though, as you can put two down, one every two turns, and then repair up the damage..

    Im trying to figure out what will complement my Oozeling and my Clockwork Gnome.

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    lil deathwing is REALLY strong
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    Oozes are awesome. They can take quite a lot of punishment that can be mitigated through spam self-healing while steal dealing damage. I expect them to get nerfed at some point.

    Other than that, core hound pup seems pretty good too. They're pretty versatile, you can set them up pretty defensively or offensively. Also it proves you use protection which makes women like you. At least that's how I think it works...
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    PvE: (In no particular order)

    Ony Whelp - Hits like a truck + massive heal
    Lil Death-Chin - Potential 1 turn KO if played correctly
    Any Crab or Spider (Personally: Spirit Crab / Feverbite Hatchling) - Just general little boss's when it comes to taking/dealing out the damage
    Flayer Youngling - Reflect, nuff said

    Any Undead pet (Ghostly Skull + New Spider would be my go-to choice though) - The return for 1 turn unkillable, especially Ghostly Skull with Sacrifice on that "return turn" is immensely powerful in PvP
    Panda Monk - Doesn't hit AS hard as it did, but still it's DAM HARD! (Can now be replaced with Kun-Lai Runt)

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    Don't use store pets.

    They are stupidly OP and no skill at all to use.

    When I do PvP battles, I make a setup to wreck these setups in general. I use a snail with dive/shell shield/absorb with lots of speed to take out lil rag (this badass motherfucker beats any elemental pet in general)

    I run also with anubisath idol. This guy has reflect, a RNG stun on 3 round cooldown and high attack stat. Wrecks any dragonkin and reflect is godmode if used proper.

    My 3rd pet is situational and I change this around a lot. I tend to go with Blighthawk to counter aquatic types who heal. The blighthawk is OP as hell and has sharp attack stats.

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    Anub hands down. I soloed whole enemy team in pvp just with that pet (lvl 15 battle) 4 times. You need too time spell reflect tho.

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    I got this Topaz Shale Hatchling, he casts a web, and then uses a attack that both deals dmg and heals him for the double amount. He can stay alive for years!
    But i must admit, it's the pets u like the most who are the best! Really like my Darkmoon Zeppelin too!

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