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    Ive got a lot of lvl 25 pets now and i tend to use a lot of different ones. However my team setup goes something like this:

    First slot: An avoidance type pet. Because they are really needed if you meet a burst type.
    Flayer Youngling and Arctic Hare tend to be my choices. The flayer has reflection, and the bunny is fast with dodge and burrow.

    Second slot: A high damage pet. The pet that smashes things apart asap.
    Li'l Deathwing, Darkmoon Tonk, Disgusting Oozeling. I plan on using my Enchanted Broom sometimes once ive found a rare stone. That sweeping and speed seems insane.

    Third slot: A tricky pet
    Frosty, Crawling Claw, Peddlefeet. Basically a pet with something special. Undeads can ress for another turn, so i like to use one as a last resort, or to do other stuff. With tricky, i simply mean a pet with some random trick up its sleeve like a stun or so. It can be any of the other two categories, or something else like a healer.

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    Surely its "Anubisath Idol" coz it can win even SOLO 1 vs 3 (sometimes even in PvP vs players). Watch my video where i killed all three pets of 25 lvl in PVP using only one Anubisath without any switches and look what abilities you need to choose and its rotation. Hope i helped anyone. Gl =]

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    i like to use dragons. i've always used dragons in stuff like this. in pokemon, in digimon i used dinosaurs/dragons, and now here i use the 3 nefarion raid pets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    My favorite pet is my Son of Animus. He is extremely hard to take down for most pets. He and my Crawling Claw (awesome one to spread chaos on the other team) are always part of my teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qantum1 View Post
    Surely its "Anubisath Idol" coz it can win even SOLO 1 vs 3 (sometimes even in PvP vs players). Watch my video where i killed all three pets of 25 lvl in PVP using only one Anubisath without any switches and look what abilities you need to choose and its rotation. Hope i helped anyone. Gl =]
    Dat necro. The post before yours was from december 2012. But I suppose it's better than creating an new thread to show off in.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    My Crawling Claw laughs at all the Anubisath Idols around.

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    Love my mechanical squirrel. <3

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    Lil' Deathwing is a brute if you play him right. I'm also a big fan of Lil' XT, use his heartbreak + tymphonic tantrum to just wreck the enemy team!

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    These are my personal favorites:

    Nexus Whelping: 3 lovely Mana Surge`s (when they hit!)
    Kun Lai Runt: 3 Nicely linked moves
    Baby Ape: Those Bananas, must infuriate people!
    Feral Vermling: If he goes first can be a royal pain in the harris
    Menagarie Custodian: Lock-On has won me a few fights.

    I hate getting matched against:
    Crawling Claw
    Anubisath Idol: if used right are formidible opponent (must level mine!)
    Direhorn Runts: faced a team of three, really got me raging!

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    I like Dark Animus, any spider pet with web and leech life, and I generally like a flying pet.

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    I've fallen in love with two teams that I like to use now in PvP.

    The first is my speed/control team. It includes Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Flayer Youngling, and Netherwhelp. All of these pets have a speed total of 305 or higher, and have two abilities that can mitigate damage. Basilisk has Stone Gaze and Feign Death, Flayer Youngling has Kick and Deflection, and Netherwhelp has Phase Shift and his charge ability that has a stun chance.

    My second team is a little bit more strategic. It involves Unborn Val'kyr, Netherspace Abyssal, and Lil' Ragnaros. Essentially, the idea is to burn most of my opponent's team down while sustaining very little damage. The way it works is Val'kyr uses Haunt on the start, then I switch to my Abyssal and use Nether Gate. I will then proceed to use both of his DoTs on the next pet before swapping to my Ragnaros, which then uses Sons of Flame. By the time Haunt expires, I have my team with two pets around half health and my third with little sustained damage while my opponent has two nearly dead pets. Then beyond that point it's simply mop-up duty.

    Both of these teams do, however, have current weaknesses. The first team struggles with mitigation (or Sandstorm) teams, and has some difficulty dealing with Direhorns. The second team struggles against fewer combinations and can counter Direhorns, but mitigation teams give it more overall difficulty.
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    Apart from the obvious (Anubisath, Direhorn) I feel the crawling claw and enchanted broom are by far the hardest to deal with.

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    Lets see Favorite Pets Whelplings here is a list of them
    Crimson Whelp: Din
    Azure Whelp: Nayru
    Emerald Whelp: Farore
    Dark Whelp: Ganon
    Nexus Whelp: Ruto
    Infinite Whelp: Zant
    Scourged Whelp: Gibdo
    Sadly I do not have the legendary quest whelp or any of the collector Edition ones(Pisses me off too)
    Yes and my pattern for names for them is kind of obvious.I despise PVP so I don't do it, although I'm not horrible at it I just refuse to use pets that I rather not play with.
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    Dotcleaves can be strong if played right. Crawling Claw is annoying, too!

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    Honestly I see mostly FOTM Teams at the moment, Triple Direhorn (yawn). Triple Mechanical (Because of Triple Horns) Dot/Swap Cleave and Stall Storm.

    Currently some of my favorite pets are:

    Eye of the Legion @ Eye *or* Slash/Agony/Soul Ward
    *Honestly I find this guy can give those dot/swap cleave teams a bit of trouble because he will always block the first 'force' swap. Let's face it-if the force a swap on the first turn, they don't know how to play the team right in the first place.

    Pandaren Fire Spirit @ Magma Wave/ Flamethrower/Confalg
    * Shut down Turret/Mine teams with relative ease, decent speed and hits relatively hard.

    Nether Ray [email protected] Pick One/Pick One/Pick One (Either S/S OR P/P).
    * This little guy will sine on any time-more so if it can cover your team's weakness and comes in two flavors fast to abuse multiple hitting moves or power to hit hard and abuse the slower moves. With 6 possible move types you opponent can't be sure what you have.
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    For PVP battles I use

    Kun-Lai Runt
    Anubisath Idol

    quite a strong team, but then I haven't pvp'd much.

    My personal favs are onyxian whelp, first pet I levelled to 25 back at the start of the expansion and it's one I use all the time, it also got me through all the tamers when I first did them

    I have too many pets to really have a fav though, I have quite alot of pets I use regularly, especially love spiders they can be seriously OP

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