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    Lvl 85 PVP gear?

    Okay so I PVP'd up to level 80 with a frost mage and then Cata exp was nerfed so I flew to level 85 without doing any PVP and then put that character away until Mop was released since I wanted to level a Warlock for MoP. If I want to get into PVP with my frost mage will level 85 PVP gear from Cata content work in level 85-89 MoP PVP? I don't have any PVP gear since level 70 so I will need to get some (and I only have 300 honor).

    How much PVP power/resilence will I need for a frost mage level 85?

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    None. Cata PvP gear will be irrelevant unless you're planning to lock your experience at 85.
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    In a similar vein to what happened in the 80-84 battlegrounds during Cata I imagine that the leveling gear from MoP is going to be superior once you are 86+ as the healthpools will be increasing significantly once again.

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    I actually beat a level 87 warrior on my 85 warrior yesterday. Not trying to stroke my ego, just trying to point out that level 85 gear isn't completely useless.
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    Kinda like how the PVE gear will be side grades till about lvl 88 content then it you start to see the vast improvement in stats.

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