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    Bear or Kitty while leveling...what is your opinion!?

    Hey guys! Uber nubs to this forum but been lurking for a couple years now. Finally decided to come out of my shell for MoP Wanted to get some of my fellow druids input on whether you are questing in bear form or cat form...and which you feel is going faster. For me I have been sticking to bear form and pulling multiple adds and aoeing them down. I feel like this is faster then staying in kitty and single targeting. I know this is a game style choice but wanted to get some opinions of what the fellow druids out there are doing!

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    I think feral is pretty fun and very fast to lvl. Tons of self heals with finishers + HT, and super fast movement speed ( especially with pvp set).
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    Cat for single target, Bear for anything more than a single target.

    Currently most of the time (as alliance) i am facing at least 2, quite often 3 or 4 targets at once - going cat on their asses would take way more time and health, bear ftw.

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    I haven't started MoP content on my druid yet(leveling a monk at the moment) but either of them has worked fine for me in the past, bear for large pulls and cat for pretty much anything else.

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    Yeah, I have felt no need to go into cat form atm. Deer to travel a short distance then pull a few mobs in bear. Just getting a general feeling of what others are doing ...Love mah druid!

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    Feral for sure, I'm half the way to 89 right now, didnt have ANY problems whatsoever. Movement speed incerase rocks and Survival Instincts/Barkskin and free self heals in form from PS + Tigers Fury and Berserk are enough to stand against a pack of mobs if needed. And vs single target its just awesome.

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    If I didnt go Boomkin for MS I'd go guardian for sure.

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    This is a secret :o
    I'm lvling with a friend as bear and we like to pile up like 8-10 mobs and aoe them down so I would say bear. Feral does way too little dmg without heirlooms imo. (No heirlooms because of lvling on a different server:P"

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    Well I did both.

    When I was soloing I was kitty, but a lot of my levelling was done with a dpsing disc priest, so I would bear and we would pull 10+ mobs at once. Half the kill x mobs type quests were done in one big pull.

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    levelling as kitty atm. instant HT is nice. Had to go bear only once to tank new instances with guildies. Will go guardian after hitting 90 though (see avatar to the left =))
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    I am still undecided about leveling my duid. Why did you go for bear/cat instead of moonkin?

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    I went kitty, 30% speed increase, instant HT often, so attacking multi mobs is simple. Also, go hidden at times. Now 88, will try bear for a bit and see if it's better. I just remember when levelling my pally, tank spec seemed amazing, but after the patch, it felt like it took forever to kill things. So I switched to ret and became simple mode with the self heal. That's why I chose kitty, figured maybe dps was lowered on tanks. But will know more when i try tank spec out for a bit during 88.

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    Guildmate got realm first 90 druid using exclusively Guardian. Questing, dungeons, everything.

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    Is the question in regard to leveling from 85 to 90, or from level 1 on up?

    If it's leveling in Pandaria, then I'll most likely be kitty. By the time you get to the next mob pack, your energy is already back. For anything tough, you can just insta-pop into bear. For dungeons, I'll be guardian, for the fast queue times.

    If the question pertains to leveling from level 1, I read an interesting article on, which highlighted the problems that guardians face, in dungeons, from level 18 to 32. In short, the article made a very compelling case for Blizz to change the levels at which guardians receive certain abilities.

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    I just switched specs when needed. If it was an area with a lot of mobs and I could get them all, there's nothing that beats ramping up vengeance and mowing them down at little danger to yourself. You can't really take on more than 2-3 targets as a cat without getting your stuff packed in. You take way too much damage. When it is single target, chain pulls you are looking for, then cat is godly. Use your free and instant HT in cat form every time you need it. It made questing so much easier.

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    Alot of peeps here saying bear form for lvling, is that feral bear form or guardian bear form?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy valmer View Post
    Alot of peeps here saying bear form for lvling, is that feral bear form or guardian bear form?


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    I leveled 85 to 90 as pure guardian in about 30ish hours gametime so it'd definitely very viable, can't speak for the other specs obviously Killing things is a little slow but having like 8 mobs on you at once makes up for it. I also had a mage with me in the dead wastes for most of 89 to 90 and I can say it's like night and day. We leveled so much faster. For me, things died faster than solo and for him, he got to AoE and not worry about surviving. I'd highly recommend it. Just talk to the people you see doing the same quest and party up.

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    I leveled as a guardian in bear form, kitty felt slow and weak(reg after every mob). Bear can handle multiple mobs without downtime and the dps is higher(at least it seemd this way)

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    Yeah I am staying with guardian with the leveling. It just seems so much faster to me. Also its nice for those insta ques Thanks for those opinions guys!

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