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    My priest is a pile of shit compared to my feral druid. When i hit 90 on the druid, i was pulling between 50k and 70k on bosses, and onmy priest I am doing 30. Its a sham because before MoP hit, we were very promising. In the 5.0.4 patch I was always first on bosses without fail. Ahh well, shit happens

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    So far and one day before raiding with every heroic cleared,world bosses etc.etc my conclusions are
    - We are ok in single target fights and very strong in 2/3 target fights.
    - We are nearly useless in AoE situation.
    - We're gonna suck hard in everything else beside boss fights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temporary Poster View Post
    While leveling, it's very much expected that dks, palas or druid tanks outdps the dps-ers even on bosses. Not for warrior tanks cause they suck ass at dps (and aoe threat...and single target threat, etc but then warriors are always subpar in all aspects of the game so...).
    No. The highest dps I've seen in a heroic was a prot warrior who maintained 180k dps over a good 30 second pull (10ish mob AoE).
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    When we were doing the cleaning up achievement in Temple of the Jade Serpent our prot warrior was doing 300k dps with bladestorm and a landshark on the pull before the 2nd last boss, was insane.

    I wish they would just buff sear, it does so little even with dots up on all targets, our single target is a little behind, I can still keep up. Classes like frost dks have killing machine procs that make up for shit gear.
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    i dont think so.

    - Singeltarget is to low compare to other classes. i craft a lot, test a lot. but we a bottom
    - 2 - 3 targets we are in a good postion. But Halo suxx hard because u must stand at a range of 25 m. i can see that this could be a problem at some bossfights. very bad mechanic of this spell.
    - Aoe useless thats true
    - We gonna rule in Trash if u could get up Twist of fade dot refresh 3-orbs etc, if there are only 3 -4 trash mobs. more mobs we suxx hard.

    I think shadows are in a very bad postion. Tomorrow is raid, we will see but i cant see a light in the dark there is only dark. Mage or Warlock will rule us.

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    I am personally very pleased with sp. With raids coming up tommorow ill be able to make a conclusion but as for now I haven't been in a single heroic where I don't top the metters (dmg+dps) in bosses (single target-more so in multi target) and being in a guild in top 500 (which means I compete with good dpsers) gives me hope. I am really looking forward to get better gear to see how we scale compared to others. P.S. we suck in aoe, though multi dot puts us somewhere below the middle in dps.

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    Like most already we're total shite in AOE fights but I'm finding in heroics im usually topping the meters. Halo is such a worthless spell sometimes

    WTB decent aoe.

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    A better expansion.
    Decent single target
    Good cleave
    Bad aoe

    I guess you can call that balance. /shrug

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    I've noticed at 90 that every SPriest I've grouped up with has been doing awful dps, even on boss fights. Maybe I've just encountered bad players though? /shrug.

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    Spriest in pvp is awesome. And I hate them

    GOod damage and good selfheal and survival with fears heals and psyfriend.

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    You are SERIOUSLY doing something wrong. Talking about PVP here.

    In arena Spriest are almost immortal (and PVP in general).

    You simply cannot kill a skilled Spriest. Yesterday I was doing some arenas with a friend of mine, a pally retri (who has the 2200 achievs in 2v2, 3v3). I was playing as an Unholy DK. We fought and lost 3 times to a Spriest and a Frost DK. So thinking that we would face them again, I went Blood, and needless to say, we did fight them again. My Retri friend got destroyed, but we managed to leave the Frost DK with 15-20% life, and I was able to finish him. So now it was me, Blood DK, versus Spriest. The fight went on for 35-40 minutes, and I just couldn't for my life kill the spriest. Anyone saying "lol you´re a blood DK sucks" clearly doesn't know the state Blood DKs are in currently. Pretty much immortal, and hitting like a truck as well. I just couldn't hurt the spriest at all. Too much healing, and too much CC. The ONLY problem was that the Spriest was hitting me so much he kept literally running out of mana, but I just wouldn't die. So in the end, after 40 minutes or so, he just afks out of the arena, full life.

    BTW, after this fight, I did some other fights as Blood, and at 1 time, my pally friend got killed again against a Rogue and Arms Warrior (both were at 75%+). And after 15-20 minutes of fighting, I was able to kill them both. Actually killed the Rogue pretty fast, but the Warrior took some real long time as well. Warriors are pretty much the new Blood DKs. Regen 3% health every second? WTF? OP much? Anyway, just saying this to show the dmg Blood DKs have currently. And I still couldn't kill that Spriest.

    I foresee lots of Spriest in the highest arena ranks. You can write that down.

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    BTW, during all of Cata, my main was my Spriest (got legendary staff during FL). I know very well how Spriest work.

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    idk i thought i would hate SP at level 90 because it would be shit dps. But i have been coming top dps in most H's that i have checked recount meter, On the world bosses as well. But i wouldn't know how i do in raids since i dont raid anymore.

    With soloing i tend to burn through the dalies. I can take up to 10mobs, using void tendrils, fear. Doting them up, finishing them off with Shadow word : insanity or shadow word : death.

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    What are you guys even TALKING about when it comes to PvP? Shadow right now is sub par in arena. Terrible consistent damage, MS/MB doesn't hit for anything at all. General survability is alright, but damage is horrible. Met a couple of shadow priests today, and could basically ignore them due to their low damage. Only decent SP comp atm is shatterplay/tree, because the mage carries the SP.

    Also, Obao, if you're losing to a SP as ret/DK then there' a HUGE l2p issue at hand. Also, you're a blood DK expecting to kill any hybrid atm? Not doing to happen. But hey, if the SP couldn't kill you either, than what on earth are you whining about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerofpope View Post
    Had an 89 SPriest in a random with me yesterday that I was tanking. Idk if he was just bad, or if the players from my guild were insanely better, but he was bottom of DPS charts. Hunter/ProtPally(Me)/Ret Pally/SPriest topping out at about 20K. Is this normal?
    Could be a little higher than 20k, maybe 25k and maybe if you are the best player in the world even higher. With my questing greens and blues I topped at 30k at level 90. I didn't do perfect rotations and it was the first time I was doing heroics but it's really not going to be 40-50k like some classes are able to pull off. I think gear will fix it and otherwise Blizzard will give us a little buff at some point. I really don't care that much. If I pull 30k in heroics then that is plenty. I do my best most of the time and if that means I am at the bottom dps wise then so be it.

    My first heroic some guys already complained about my dps. Grats on being assholes. We finished it with ease but when I asked if they wanted to do more dungeons one guy said: "Not with this bad dps." Some people are really retards and it makes me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kallell View Post
    Hi all,

    I'll admit, i'm fairly new to priest. I basically made one right before the expansion, and did a few instances as disc. I decided for MoP i'd go shadow. Leveling up wasn't too bad, especially with a prot warrior as a partner. However, now that i'm 90 and doing things on my own a decent amount, it feels like i'm pretty weak. PVE wise taking on anymore than 2 mobs is risky, and somewhat slow; pvp wise, i feel like i can't do anything but die for the most part. I haven't done a ton of pvp honestly, but two that stick out -- a warrior / and a druid, i couldn't even do enough damage to damage them. The warrior's life literally didn't move more than 25%; and the druid just dotted, got out of every slow / stun i could throw at him with ease.

    I feel like if i'm stuck right now, not wanting to play the guy i just leveled, and have more interest going back to my mage.

    Are spriests really weak at this point? Are they super gear dependent? Help?
    Point of view from someone playing SP from December 2010: no, we're not underpowered in PVE at all, it actually feels OVERpowered compared to Cata. Anything less than 4-5 normal mobs is easy to manage. Maybe you're just too inexperienced for the time being, or you're using the wrong talents. Who knows.
    p.s. 40-60k in heroics is easy, was easy even in 440's.
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    Shadow priest trucks pvp. I dont ever die, and I am always at the top of damage and kbs. I'm only in 4 pieces of dreadful and they aren't the ridiculously nice pvp power trinkets, though I will get a mal. on tuesday and a dreadful today.

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    If you gear right and play right you should be topping DPS meters in raids and heroics dungeons! I would recommend spending some time outside of the game doing some research (with a good SP pve guide) to make sure you aren't missing anything important.

    2-night progression raiding:
    Shadow-Raid Blog:

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    just keep playing, things will fall into place.

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    The ONLY time I ever felt OP as a Shadow Priest was during Cata when they nerfed Shadow Power. It was so easy to top dps charts then.

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    Just raided, got world 10th Shadow on Gara'jal10. Halo is godmode for the spirit realm. One cast, literally everything dies. "Ok, chaps, I guess we're done here, back to the boss." Shadow has extremely situational AoE, but it's not inherently bad. Our single target is "fine", although 5-10% on the weak side. We may be "good" at 2-3 target cleave, but Affliction blows us out of the water, as do tanks.

    To the OP: it gets better in raids. Also, Shadow pseudo-healers are in demand for Gold level challenge mode runs. Yes, you will continue to be worthless for questing, 5mans, sustained AoE even with gear.
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