So as I said, I am an 8/8HM DS Rogue looking for a new raiding guild, as my prior guild Parasomnia has sadly disbanded. Currently in Catalyst as several members moved here but they do not have a spot for me. I have had current HM raiding experience all throughout the Cataclysm Tiers, and looking to keep this pattern as hard mode raiding is something that I really enjoy.

I am currently leveling in Combat and will keep this for Heroics, but I will probably dual PVE spec this expansion unfortunately as having only 1 is looking like it won't be viable. I will probably go Mutilate as my second, but am open to Subt depending on output. I have raided in all 3 specs. I have killer keybinds, and five WoW mouse binds, and keep all my addons up to scratch (DBM etc). I have several other alts that I will transfer once I get comfortable. 85 Holy Paladin (who I have raided in alt raids on), 85 Hunter, 85 Balance Druid, 80 Mage, another Druid (feral). I had Leatherworking, Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Inscription, and all farming professions at top level in Cataclysm.

I would like to stay on Frostmourne, but am certainly open to server changes, but definitely not a faction change. Horde guilds only sorry. I am quite happy to fill out any applications.

Thank you for your time