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    I feel the complete opposite. With my guardian I am taping I am hitting keys all over the place. With my warrior I can stay with my greatsword and I only have F1. But with the guardian I find I have to weapon swap to do the most dps, and use all my utilities to survive the damage. Also with the guardian I need to be sure not to mash buttons otherwise I will do a single target spell not an AoE which I normally require.
    I played a Guardian to 40-ish in the betas and currently around 20-ish. I don't feel it's very involved. I push 2, 3 and occasionally 7 and 8 [heals] when low HP. It just doesn't really matter a whole lot.

    The most involved part of the process is simply moving. Common to many games.

    Aion was a very simple game in comparison, as was SWTOR.
    I would disagree on both games. But whatever floats your boat.

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    My take on Gw2 is its not a raid replacement game. If you think wow is too dumbed down for you then go with rift. If you want more hardcore pvp go tera/gw2. You kinda have to find your sweet spot no game has it all atm.

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    if you deside to play gw2 then expect it as a diffrent game than must mmorpg ( even WoW )

    i am not WoW player but my friends play it and i always see what they doing etc plus they did try rift ..

    for me as my experince tell me

    rift is close to WoW ,, when you play RIFT you feel it is close to WoW with good graphics and as i see rift have new patch inc in future

    it maby intresting to try rift if i was you

    Note : i am not also RIFT player i just see friends play it and i try it few time

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