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    Pandaren Tabard

    Where do you buy this thing? Wowhead says the vendor is next to the Jade Forest portal in Stormwind. I can find all the turtles wandering around, but no vendor. Did they remove him so players couldn't hit exalted so quickly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elementalkin View Post
    The Quartermasters are in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

    Edit: I'm not sure where the Alliance one is specifically, just look around that area carefully. The Horde one is slightly off to the side of their little set up in the Valley of Honor.
    Second Edit: Okay, the quartermaster is 'Old Whitenose' at the Pandaren area in Stormwind. Neither the horde or alliance quartermasters sell the turtles yet, at least they don't appear for me (but neither of my toons have exalted rep, so).
    Third and Final Edit: OLD WHITENOSE*.
    Thanks for all the info. According to wowhead, the mounts don't show up until you hit exalted. However, neither vendor showed up for me this morning or last night. Granted, this was before the restarts, so adding them back to the game may have been one of the things that the restart was aimed at fixing. I'll find out tonight, I suppose.

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