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    life on hit for DH

    just started again to play d3 for 1.0.5, and i must say the game is more enjoyable.

    Anyway, any DH that has tested/knows how loh works with certain abilities? Most interesting would be caltrops (with dmg rune) and rapid fire.
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    I would also be interested in this. I havent played since before 1.04 cause i was stuck in act 1 inferno.
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    current difficulty tuning is waaaaay more forgiving for people with not so good gear. With the same gear i was grinded by normal mobs at act3 start, i steamrolled the entire place once 1.0.5 came. I farm consistently MP1, and i think also MP2 is not out of league, but then it's all about how fast you can clear a run.

    Also, new pet wolf is really good in solo, it basically tanks easily normal mobs and also elites for enough time to give you breath. But i assume the more you go up with MP, the less effective it becomes.
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    I have about 900 LoH on my own DH, and I know for one (havn't tested dmg Caltrops) that the Smoke Screen rune Trail of Fire (can't remember if nerfed) could get me from 50% to 100% + more if 4 mobs or above. So I would guess Caltrops works too, but not quite sure. I can test later when I come home

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    afaik, caltrops rune should work the same way - loh connects each tick of damage; but i never tested it and on my gear there's exactly 0 loh :P Would be awesome if works the same for rapid fire.
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    I get pretty far with just standing and shooting with 700 AR, 60k hp (rough values ofc) and 150k dmg, have only tried Mp4 so far and I can pretty much just roll through without much problem.

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