Thread: Epics - How?

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    Epics - How?

    Hey guys,

    i'm wondering, how come this guy:

    Have a season 12 pvp neck already, and a gloves set????

    You can buy stuffs with HP and VP already?

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    My guess would be Black Market. There seems to be a lot there.

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    Sha of Anger probably?
    Ah oh yeah, forgot about the BMAH .. maybe he/she bought it there.
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    Probably got lucky on Sha or Galleon, I got the PvP ring:


    Does it not drop random loot from Galleon? thought they were similar!

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    What you guys mean with Black Market? =s

    How come he have a gear that is not avaiable yet =s

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    Ohh now i know what that boss is for =p

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    There is at least 1 world boss that has a chance to drop pvp gear. There is an auction that has a chance to offer pvp gear for sale. So therefore, if somebody is able to acquire pvp gear, it is available. Nobody has gear that is not available. Just like there are people running around in raid quality gear even though there are no raids yet.

    Do yourself a favor, google black market auction house.

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    Yea I have the 509 bracers off of the BMAH and 496 belt off of Galleon.

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