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    Is there a decent guide for MoP dailies?

    I am mustering the courage to change my mindset this expansion and pretend to care about storylines and quests!

    That said, is there a writeup somewhere that you guys know of that will help me find all of the dailies throughout pandaria? I know of 4 right now:

    1. Killak (or whatever they are called) in dread wastes (the bugs).
    2. Halfhill and all the cooking stuff.
    3. Jade serpent.
    4. Golden lotus.

    And i know shado-pan too, but it seems i need to be revered with golden lotus before i can start with them correct?

    Any info is appreciated!

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    yeh look for a decent guide as well for dailies

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    Angler's in the bottom zone, the wilds.

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    This is the best I have found so far, but I just started looking 5 mins ago- which brought me to this thread.


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    Before revered with Golden Lotus:

    Pick up archy daily> Golden Lotus > Klaxxi >Tillers+ cooking daily > Anglers > Cloud serpent.

    After revered with the Golden Lotus:

    Pick up archy daily and **Celestials Daily**> Golden Lotus > Shado Pan > Klaxxi > Tillers > Anglers > Cloud Serpent.

    ** Depending on which Celestial daily it is will change in which order you put it in.

    Tiger-I do first so I don't forget to do it later.
    Ox- after Shado Pan
    Crane-after tillers
    Jade Serpent- before Cloud Serpent.

    There is also a daily at the grummie bazaar I believe But I have never had the want to do it.

    This will burn you out if fairly fast so Doing them all every day might not be the best option.

    1 more day till exalted with golden lotus and 4 more for klaxxi for me /cheer

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