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    What Spec Are You Leveling As?

    Title question. Curious what spec for MoP and also if you're going for server first.

    Link your talents also!
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    You could add there what spec you are leveling in MoP.
    Well i started lvl my mage yesterday and i lvl as Arcane/frost. Arcane is just boom boom dead, Frost gives more surv

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    When I do decide to level my mage from 85-90, it will be (as it always has been) as frost. I hate arcane, and fire never really felt right while leveling.

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    Fluffy Kitten Shangalar's Avatar
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    Arcane with PoM, RoF, Barrier, Greater Invis and Nether Tempest. Did it on Beta and had no objections. The idea is just to maximize shatter usage on AoE packs using Barrage pwnage.

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    Stood in the Fire Razaron's Avatar
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    Arcane is what it's all about!

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    I was gonna lvl as fire, but I'm considering going frost after trying it out a bit.

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    Frost, but then again my mage has been frost for about seven and a half years now.

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    I'm going to see if fire is on par with frost when it comes to questing and such, but i've already got frost as my second spec so i can switch anytime really.

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    Don't know how things are now after the changes but I really loved leveling as Arcane. Kept shouting for more Ice Cream as I Blasted their asses to death!

    yeah... a bit weird. Don't ask.

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    stable mana high burst, have shatter which makes frozen mob almost guarenteed crit followed by IB for free HS proc.

    also fire has all the defensive stuff that frost had before(deep freeze cold snap ice barrier ice ward) in oceanic now Lol

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    Fire. I have always leveled as fire. It will just be a bit more easy mode now that I have a shield and a bit more control over crits. ^_^

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    I'd quest as Frost, if I did a dungeon I'd probably go Arcane.

    If I was leveling.

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    Scarab Lord Myz's Avatar
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    The other 2 specs are abominations.

    Will remove the Combustion Glyph and talent Frostjaw/Nova glyph.
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    Arcane,love it too much to change :P

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    I will just experiment a bit. In the beginning I will go Fire I think. That's my current spec. I know the rotation. The only thing I worry about is that the Mobs gain more HP and I loose crit every level. If that still works out fine then I will stay Fire. I've got arcane as second spec, so I think will also try arcane. 5 Levels doesn't matter anyway

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    Bloodsail Admiral Nathyiel's Avatar
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    I will leveling as Frost:
    reforging Hit for level+2 target and capping Crit (shatter cap), Haste (IV cap). My objective is to maximise the burst as I take more time to go from target to another than DPS.
    My test on beta with a pre-made (very less geared than me) show me that I can group 3/4 target and burn them done with very little damage.
    The answers is 42

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    I have both frost and fire as possible leveling specs but likely will settle with frost. I'll be leveling with my shadow priest boyfriend so I want my spec to complement his.

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    I will be leveling fire -- agree with others in the thread that all specs now share many of the useful leveling tools that were only available to frost. Especially if you glyph FFB, you get a slow!

    Plus I get to skip dealing with a pet, and I always love the insta pyros. I'm a huge fan with what they did to fire with this latest patch.

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    Definately fire, it's just the spec I feel most comfortable playing

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