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    Daily quest hub map for Pandaria

    Is there a map which has all daily quest hups marked? Would be very useful.

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    Agreed...This would be really nice!


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    I think I just spent an hour trying to find one . If anyone has one, post it!

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    The golden Pagoda in Vale of Eternal Blossoms is one if you did the starting quests for the zone startin in Temple of the White Tiger. Golden Lotus rep
    Klaxxi'Vess in Dread Wastes more unlock the more questing you do there and you get special zone buffs. Klaxxi rep
    The Arboretum in Jade Forest quest starting in Shrine of Two moons. Order of the cloud Serpent rep.
    Anglers Warf in Krasarang Wilds quest starting in Shrine of Two moons.
    Halfhill has dailies for The Tillers rep. Start the quest at Skysong ranch

    Those are the ones i have. MOre unlock once honored/revered with Golden lotus.

    Shado'Pan dailies are in Townlong steppes at Shado'pan Garrison. Unlocked at revered with golden lotus
    Celestial August rep has a few ask the quarter master in Shrine of two moons where to go daily when youre revered with Golden lotus.

    hope that helps
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    Quest Completist was just updated. It shows all your available dailies as blue !'s on your map ingame. Looks like it was JUST updated, and I haven't had a chance to look into it and see if everything's there, but I'm sure the author got enough data so far for it to be mostly accurate. Looks like he says he still needs data for the dailies that open up after Revered with GL.
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    If you get a quest "Whitepetal Lake" its bugged, just queue for a pet battle and bail and the npc should be there.
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