View Poll Results: The most badass race if they actually existed?

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  • Orc

    125 18.25%
  • Tauren

    51 7.45%
  • Dwarf

    49 7.15%
  • Blood elf

    38 5.55%
  • Worgen

    74 10.80%
  • Troll

    49 7.15%
  • Goblin

    17 2.48%
  • Draenei

    32 4.67%
  • Undead

    124 18.10%
  • Gnome

    34 4.96%
  • Night elf

    33 4.82%
  • Pandaren

    59 8.61%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    I dont consider beings that irradiate their own city (and before you bring up Pripyat, that WAS stupid, yes) and get a whole batalion devolved in an archaeological expedition as smart (not to mention that most of their inventions are useless trinkets). Should they appear in real world, they would be eradicated as a safety procedure.
    ok true.. but in comparison to other races in the WoW universe, their inventions are quite decent and genius (flying machines, trolls have masks on a stick)

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    Orcs are definitely the most bad ass in the battle hardened warrior sense of the word, however, Undead are bad ass in the Heath Ledger played Joker sense of the word in that they just want to see the whole world burn (plagued). I don't view any alliance as really "bad ass" but Dwarves are the best on that side by far.

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    Herald of the Titans Suikoden's Avatar
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    I said space goats because they can wield the power of the naaru. >.>;

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    Mantid, by far.

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    Draenei. Basically immortal (from old age, that is) and very intelligent, it would be awesome to have them around.
    "When I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time."

    Shamans in WoW - "We're the dumb blonde at the workplace. We look great, but people question what we're actually doing."

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    Considering WoW is a World of Badass, it's really quite difficult to pick just one race. They're all badass. Even gnomes are badass. But I went with Pandaren, specifically because of the Battle of Stoneplow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drilnos View Post
    Even gnomes are badass.
    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha, they're a complete joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha, they're a complete joke.
    You ever seen a midget in full plate armor, armed with two full sized battle axes, tearing through kneecaps like a lawn mower? Neither have I, but it would be friggin amazing nonetheless. We are also talking about the race that specializes in constructing giant powered armor suits. And the race for which Ride of the Valkyries would be an entirely appropriate leitmotif.
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    As someone who plays strictly alliance I choose Orc. Sorry my fellow Allies, we are anything but Badass. Even the Worgen of the Alliance opt to be bogged down by morals and fear of their monstrous side, existing to keep the beast carefully controlled and never letting loose; there is nothing badass about that. But Orcs...Orcs are pretty much built to be badass machines of war at this stage.

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    Almost all the races would not be accepted by humans, and would basically become circus freaks or science experiements.

    With that in mind, I'd say Worgen. You can have human form so that you don't get shunned by society wherever you go. However, if needed, you can become a badass wolf.

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    In order from most to least badass:

    1. Dwarf
    2. Dwarf
    3. Dwarf
    4. Dwarf
    5. Dwarf
    6. Dwarf
    7. Dwarf
    8. Dwarf
    9. Dwarf
    10. Dwarf
    11. Dwarf
    12. Gnome

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    I voted goblin since well, they are all pretty bad ass. Do the goblin starting zone once and you'll know what I'm talking about (going around with your crew hell yeah!)

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    Blood Elves because magic.

    Worgen would be pretty badass too. Human and then BAM! Wolf-ish thing.

    But I'd probably get most scared if a Tauren came charging toward me

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    Gnomes are the best, theyre totally awesome!

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    I feel like as far as my definition of badass goes there's only really a few contenders: Worgen, Orc, Troll, maybe Forsaken and Goblins.
    I was considering all their cultural lore as a whole, not just "who had the best badass moment in history." The Orcs may be plenty fiercesome in battle but they actually have rather peaceful roots and are proven to have softer sides when it comes to at the very least their family, if not their allies.
    Worgen I thought at first are practically all badass all the time, but when I think about it they tend to be played more as the tragic hero type, and when they are in Worgen form they tend to be more just nasty and bestial, not "cool guy being calm and collected while doing awesome stuff."
    Troll's I think are probably the most all-around cool guys. Even in just their little villages they still do cool or badass things, and they have a lot of options as far as badass classes (RPG) go. Plus the fact that they can hide out and regenerate instead of just rushing in and dying like so many Orcs like to do is a definite plus.

    The Forsaken I feel tend to be too dark and sciencey/crazy to be really "badass." They're still cool for sure, but other than one or two specific ones (like Godfrey) they tend to be more schemers in the shadows, not in-your-face badasses.
    Goblins are sort of the opposite, where they're always trying to be stereotypically badass. I can't really dock points for trying to hard, but I think since they come off as goofy more often then not it tends to ruin the effect. There's plenty of badass moments or characters with the Gobins, but it really says something about them as a race when they're still held in equal regard as Gnomes for most people.

    Voted Troll in the end. But then I do have something of a Troll fetish anyway, so maybe I was biased from the start. :P

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    Forsaken first, Night elves close second. Always felt most "connected" to those two, and found their stories to be the most awesome ones.
    Which is interesting as the two are kinda opposites..

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    Undead, nothing is more badass than coming back to life to bring vengeance against your murderer.

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    Holy necro threads batman!

    Gnomes. Gnomes > ALL

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    in my opinion the badassery goes like this

    1: the pandaren are the most badass race and my sig says why O-O

    2: blood elves

    3: dwarves

    4: undead (if this includes all variations and classes of undead including the scourge if its just the forsaken we play as then they are number 5

    5: worgen (number 4 if ^)
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    Forsaken, hands down.

    "Oh, we were killed and resurrected by dark slave-magic, and our allies have forsaken us? FUCK THAT, we still live here!"
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