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    Thinking of trying tanking

    Hey guys I could use your input. For a while now I was thinking about making a Prot Pally for tanking. I have a Arc Mage, Bal Druid, and Combat Rogue, but I have been fascinated with the tanking aspect. My question is should I level the Pally and get use to tanking through dungeons and old content before trying current and future content or should I boost one and jump in head first? Also any good guides for Prot Pallys out there I know we are coming up on a new expansion just wanted to get some advice. Thanks.
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    Doing dungeon while leveling a tank is great practice. If you are not experienced with tanking, and fancy leveling via quests/dungeons one, don't boost.

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    That is the way Im leaning to also it would give me time to work on professions, gear, etc. before the Xpac drops in November.
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    Id really say lvling one is the best. This also lets you meet all the kinds of dps and healers there are out there. From the mass pulling Hunter to the resto druid healing in cat form.
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    Im going to side with the 'level as tank' crowd. Your queue times will be pretty much non existent and it wont be AMAGAD BUTTONZ like it is for a boosted char.

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    Level as a tank ! Its so easy and you'll learn wayy more as you go.

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