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    Too many nodes?

    As I fly about looking for lotus I am noticing that there are way too many herb gathering nodes, especially tea leaves, and I am going to predict that herbs will have very little value in a few weeks outside of golden lotus. Everything else seems to grow in specific terrain but within those terrain there are way too many of them in a small area.

    They should be more spread out, and I really liked cata in that certain herbs could only be found in certain zones. I maxed out herb gathering in the jade forest which actually surprised my guild mates. Tea Leaves -> rain poppy -> sha touched herbs.

    There won't be much of a market for most herbs after a few weeks of blasting the market full with all the nodes. I'm suggesting that half the nodes be removed to add some value to the herbs, some competition among players.

    I've also heard that mining nodes are way too numerous.

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    Its like this at the start of every expansion. there will be a hotfix soon.

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    The same goes for mining nodes, there are too many Ghost Iron Ore nodes (even in the beginning of Cata there was less Elementium nodes, before they hotfixed it)

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    save herbs till spawnrate is reduced. profit.
    i'm a rogue nerf me please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rany View Post
    save herbs till spawnrate is reduced. profit.

    NOTHING TO SEE HERE. MOVE ALONG (and keep selling all that ore/herbs cheap!)
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    Have you never played an expansion before? its always like this. Your predictions are poor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999tigger View Post
    Have you never played an expansion before? its always like this. Your predictions are poor.
    No, I am one of those awful horrible people who switched to warlock for mop because Fury warrior was nerfed too much at the end of cata and I've never had herb gathering or mining for the beginning of an expansion. I collected leather.

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    as far as i can tell, there is actually a lot more ore than there was in cata and about the same as there was in wotlk, at least the first few days of wotlk.

    i had plans to take time off work, level to 90, then go apeshit farming ore.

    after completely filling my bags with ghost iron ore whilst levelling, i just gave up, there was no point in farming a ridiculous amount of ore to sell, as i already had a ridiculous amount of ore just from levelling, farming any more would be folly. so i made BS stuff and sold that instead.

    point being, i have never seen so many nodes in wow as i have since MoP launch and i love it. this should cripple the botters as everybody should be able to get as much as they need without having to spend 20 minutes flying around to find 1 node. it kinda screws the ore/herb market, but i have no issue with that, gathering shouldn't be difficult, just time consuming. botters and lack of spawns make it difficult and tedious, but as the amount of players active in zones starts to decline after most of the levelling is done, the spawn rates will get slower, so may as well fill your bags now and keep a large stockpile for future needs.

    but if they keep up the amount of ore and herb nodes, everybody should be able to farm all the mats they need in little to no time at all. it then becomes a competition over the trillium and lotus'
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    we are expecting this to be temporary and the spawn rate to be nerfed. The botters will return and it will carry on as normal.

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    Lemme explain this..

    Node spawn is based on the amount of active players in zone, and the amount of nodes being tapped.

    If you have a lot more players leveling, and a lot more players gathering, then you will have a lot more nodes. Nodes will quit being so pronounced when everyone is back to afking in stormwind and complaining about the lack of content.

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