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    Gear upgrade suggestions for my Monk


    Im at a total loss with what to upgrade for my Monk. I only have 2.5mil ( I know thats freaking poor haha) and been farming or atleast clearing what I can in Act3 and still drop nothing worth selling or upgrades for myself. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    I would work on getting your resist up, from what I understand you need somewhere in the 700-800 range.
    You could really use some Crit Damage, you have a nice bit of crit but no bonus to its damage.
    Life on Hit will help as well. You don't need anything too fancy but just working on those and you will be set

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    I wouldn't buy anything right now. Blizzard seems to be using a devious tactic to stir the economy: With each patch they make great gear worthless. While it's healthy for the economy, it screwed me out of 200 million gold last patch. In 1.05 the reduction in incoming damage may make resists less important and reward pure damage more. Or it may be something else. Either way, don't spend more than you're willing to lose completely, it's a gamble at best.
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    Drop a purple gem in your wep and see the benefits of loh. If its a game changer (will be) pick up some items with loh and drop the green back in. I wouldnt buy anything expensive now like troth said.

    You also have some items that can be replaced for around 100k each (people are selling their non wearables cheap like troth said). Try to stack some resists all with your lightning, 65+ stuff maybe expensive but 40 would suit you fine.

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    Thanks for the insights guys. Yeah I think I'll try to farm with what gear I have now. Im constantly looking for upgrades but many factors come into play. More dex and vit but I will have to sacrifice crit/res. Im not having too much trouble with A3 besides the stupidly insane Affix Mobs (Plague/molten/Desicrator/shield) But I will look into loh on my weapons.

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