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    vale of eternal blossom dailies

    Why cant I see daily quests in vale of eternal blossom? I have Shaco pan friendly golden lus neutal, pearifin jinyi exalted, the anglers neutral, the black prince neutral, the klaxxi honored, lorewalkers neutral.

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    refresh, pls help ;/

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    Don't you need to do the pre-quests first? I did a few quests for the golden lotus like killing this and that many x, blowing up this cave, return to the fat guy between the two statues and voila the dailies were unlocked for golden lotus. Lorewalkers are the easiest to get exalted with. You fly around chasing after those scrolls or artifacts or whatever you call them to get them all, in total 8 achievements. Once you do, you get mail with quest items that you give to lorewalker cho, listen to his story for a few minutes, turn in the next, rinse and repeat and voila, exalted. Think the dailies are unlocked by going to the inn or whatever that temple in vale of eternal blossom is called where you buying MoP flying, take the quest there and turn in at lorewalkers to unlock the dailies...

    All of this, I figured out by using wowhead.... Maybe that's something you should look into as well?

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