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    Nexus 2: The Gods Awaken

    < snipped >

    Welcome… to Nexus 2!

    The creators of the original game now have a unique proposal for you… to participate in the development, by pledging funds that will allow us to begin production of the next instalment in the Nexus story.

    Our vision is clear: we have a full design for a truly worthy successor to the original game, one which will take forward the story of mankind’s expeditions to the hostile reaches of interstellar space, and bring it up to date with state-of-the-art visuals and even richer gameplay.

    The Plot

    It is 25 years since peace was brought to the solar system, thanks to the inspired leadership of Marcus Cromwell, Commander of the Allied Fleet. It was he who defeated the forces of the soulless mechanoid called the Entity and, with the help of the mysterious artificial goddess known as Angel, threw off the shackles of slavery from mankind.

    Peace and stability have returned to human space. The devastation of the Entity War shut the Star Gate that led mankind into contact with the fearsome Gorg and other former foes.

    Something strange has happened in the meantime, however. Following the Entity’s defeat, a change has befallen humanity. Throughout human space, children with strange powers are being born, who can affect the fabric of time and space through the power of though alone.

    Known as Psis, these supernaturally-gifted individuals are feared and hated by some, but keenly sought by those who wish to harness their abilities as powerful weapons; a single Psi’s involvement in a fleet battle can mean the difference between glorious victory and crushing defeat.

    The Next Chapter in the Epic Story: 24 new missions
    State of the Art Graphics
    Two All-New Races
    Psi Powers
    Dozens of intriguing new spaceships
    Modular Ship Design
    Squadron Customization
    Capital Ships and Huge Space Stations
    Improvements Throughout
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