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    kael'thas sunstrider at level 90 - how easy is it to solo?

    I wanted to ask some advice from any locks soloing tempest keep at level 90. Is it easier now? What spec would you recommend? Im thinking of trying GoSac affliction build if self healing isnt an issue anymore. I was also thinking of going demo and letting wrathguard or voidlord tank him while I LOS. At level 85 I managed to kill all the adds but never managed to recover enough to take on kael. Any recommendations?

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    I had no problems with him at 85 so I would assume he would be fine at 90. A couple of tips:

    1) Grab the staff and put the buff on you and your pet to avoid the daze.
    2) Once he gets to the gravity lapse phase he no longer dazes or does his MC so you can put your normal weapon back on and burn.
    3) Don't try to tank the add that fixates. He silences in melee and that dot can still hurt with a couple stacks.

    What problems were you having with the adds? Are you spreading them out across the raid so you only fight them one at a time. Again grabbing the staff is good as it makes you immune to remote toy and conflag. At 85 I personally Void Lord tanked it bouncing in and out of LoS during his fireball casts to avoid MC.

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    Destruction without a pet is pretty faceroll now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    Destruction without a pet is pretty faceroll now.
    I can Second that....I think i Used ember tap once or twice.and Mortal Coil Once...Soul leech heal+Sac seemed enough

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