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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratlim View Post
    So far:

    pure dps are dead and buried
    healers are god mode
    hybrids can't kill healers but can kill each other and can't loose against pure dps

    Long story short: I am out of pvp


    A sad warlock

    ps: OT: Druids, Paladins, Shaman, Priests
    You are sad. I ran double pure dps in 2v2 and 3v3 (with a healer). Synchronising your damage is a guaranteed kill. L2p and go demonology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodchargedWoW View Post
    MAYBE if you were in greens, otherwise SS or it didn't happen.
    He said he had 45% resi - thats only 5% above the default. Of course he could get instagibbed. Not sure why they try to argue about damage if they are not wearing the porper gear.

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    Hunters, by far the most broken class right now (rdruids being close second). Obviously all their cds are insanely over the top but people still forget they have among the best cc in the game which is all instant, and have great defensive cds with multiple deterrrences and such. Not that the really need it, most games with hunters dont last more than 5 seconds after stampede is popped.

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    Today i started doing arena (key word being started) for the purpose of reaching the cap. Played with 2 setups, where each had the the extremes of the current pvp situation.

    During the day the team was Me(hancer shaman), resto monk and rogue
    At night same setup except that instead of rogue we had a warrior.

    Obviously the difference is immense and the pressure is much less.

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    Well I'm almost full honor and have one piece of conquest.
    I just ran a full day of Arena to get capped. We ran a team of Holy Pally, Arms Warr, Frost DK (me). The only comps we lost to were any combination of

    BM Hunters
    Arms Warr
    Feral Druids
    + any healer besides a Holy Pally

    So those are my picks. As stated by almost everyone before me Heals are redonkulous.

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