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    pretty much mop only atm.

    used to play lol, d3 and mechwarrior online beta but mop stomped them all over.

    but i will return to mwo when it is released and to d3 for the addon or pvp patch to test it. i also have some games ready for download back from the steam summer sales ... not yet found the time and bandwith for a dl.

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    have not really been playing anything but when i do most of the time its cs 1.6 or cs go.

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    Currently: Path of Exile, Torchlight 2, Aion and Guild Wars 2. Somewhat consistently at least.

    Sorta slowing down in Guild Wars 2 and Torchlight 2. Just an hour or two a day. Rift every now and then. Trying a few new games too- Borderlands 2, FTL and Closure.

    FTL is pretty fun/addicting. I quite like it.

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    Still rocking SWTOR twice a week or so. Also playing GW2, TL2, and Borderlands 2 at random times and with varying degrees of interest. I just got my Elementalist to 80 in GW2 and will probably shelf the game for a week or so to play the others.
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    Torchlight 2 and lovin it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubywilson View Post
    Hello everyone.What are you playing guys?
    Share here.
    With the limited game time I have I play GW2 only and perhaps an hour or two a week, irl takes my time =) Will probably be my only game this upcoming year, after I might try firefall and planetside 2 if they are released by then or I just hang on to GW2 only =)
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    Guild Wars 2 and Borderlands 2 mostly. Played MoP for a few days, not really enjoying it but I'd like to get my monies worth out of it (I actually enjoyed Diablo 3 more than MoP so far, don't shoot me).

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    Dungeons of Dredmor
    Faster than Light
    League of Legends
    Dwarf Fortress

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    Mists, Borderlands 2(xbox)... Thats really it.
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    GW2, EVE Online, and Portal 2

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    I'm playing MoP alot :3

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    MoP only atm. Some Portal 2 when I feel like it.
    Fallout 4 Hype!

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    Came back to WoW as my main focus with MoP. I like it so far.

    Still playing a bit of CS:GO here and there, played Guild Wars 2 for a while but am giving it a break for awhile. I'm thinking about returning to Portal 2 map-making as well, I had a blast making the few maps that I did but the trouble is no one played them but the friends I forced to.

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    Currently I'm playing "write the 3 page paper you should have wrote 2 days ago but you procrastinated till 5 hours till it's due" It's not very fun. I spent too much time in MoP this weekend.

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    Borderlands 2 - PC
    Mario Kart 7 - 3DS
    Ocarina of Time - 3DS
    Sonic Colors - Wii
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    Currently I play alot of Kerbal Space Prgram.

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    MoP and GW2.

    MoP is looks good and I like the changes to some of the classes. I mainly play WoW just for the PvP so leveling is just an annoyance for me. My server, which used to be one of the most populated, now feels pretty dead for the most part. BG queue is several times longer than it used to be which makes me think it isn't just my server that is experiencing this.

    Pretty much have stopped playing GW2. sPvP feels pretty 'meh' tbh...just all capture the flag on very small, very similar maps with very small teams. WvW feels like an individual's contribution to the success or failure of their server is pretty much zero.

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    GW2 mostly. If I don't farm, I sit in WvW. Not much time for anything else, but Borderlands 2 a bit rarely.

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    Mists of Pandaria and only Mists of Pandaria. I just can't get enough of it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishblade View Post
    This game called Real Life... =S
    I played that. It sucks and the grinding is awful.

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