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    Aug 2012
    Port Elizabeth, South Africa
    I just checked out the xCOM demo. Will probably grab that.

    Logging onto GW2 every now and then to level Warrior and Engineer. Not in any rush - hoping they fix some of the most annoying issues before I get to lvl 60 on either of them.
    Waiting for SL expansion for Rift.
    Torchlight II also just sitting there.

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    Torchlight 2
    Magic the gathering 2013

    BGEE got delayed
    pokemon x/y 3ds 3969-5096-1949 Abra, Espurr and Xatu

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    Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2, Sleeping Dogs, UFO: Enemy Unknown, and Chrono Trigger. Hoping to finish (or in the case of the latter two, re-finish) at least one before Dishonored and XCOM releases.

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    Guild Wars 2 with a current addiction to the many Fire Emblems.

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    CS : GO , Borderlands 2 and Saints Row III here and there but im gonna return to battlefield 3 and maybe il try gw2 when net cafe gets new computers

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    Mostly MoP, getting ready for progression raiding. Some Borderlands 2 or Po Evolution Soccer 2013 when I have a little downtime.
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    GW2 and MoP at the moment
    Monk, I need a monk!!!

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    HoMM 6 and F1 2012 when I'm not in WoW. Would play Shogun 2 too but after 2-3 turns it crashes to desktop.
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    Diablo 3... enjoying last days of CM melee wizard.

    Not actively playing but, spending some time on:
    The Ur-Quan Masters
    FTL: Faster Than Light
    Mass Effect 1 (replaying)
    Planescape Torment
    Gemini Rue

    Considering getting into Freedom Force. I have fond memories of it's demo version back then before it's release. Used to just destroy whole starting area City block with bare hands

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    Dec 2011
    RaFing myself on WoW.
    Playing LoL with friends.
    Getting a level or two every couple of days in GW2.
    Playing FTL and 30 Second Hero.

    Getting keen for Dishonored and Pokemon White 2.
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    MoP, BL2 and picked up Rocksmith the other day as well

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    EvE online and some GW2.

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    Great Big War Game-Android tablet

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    Lots and lots (and lots) of Mechwarrior: Online, with breaks of GW2 and BL2.
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    Silicon Highway
    DayZ: Lingor Island (when I have lots of time)
    GW2 (for when I have less time than the above)
    TL2 (for when I have even less time than the above)

    Thinking about getting MoP though. I was in beta and I saw a lot of things I liked and so far Ive heard a lot of good things. Probably give it another week or so just to be sure that the positive feedback isnt just ooowww's and awww's of the new shiney.

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    Total War: The third age. (Arnor Campaing on very hard dif)


    Majora´s Mask

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    Sarif Industries, Detroit
    MoP until it slows down a bit

    Then I want to finally finish Deus Ex HR.
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    Pokemon: Leafgreen
    Pokemon: Silver
    Pokemon: Platinum
    Pokemon: Sapphire

    *I think I have an addiction*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishblade View Post
    This game called Real Life... =S

    /10 char

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    This game called Real Life... =S
    Quote Originally Posted by Vokal View Post

    /10 char
    "I have no self control over my video gaming and feel the need to post on video game forums that I'm NOT playing video games"

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