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    MoP, STO, SW:TOR, BL2, and BF3. Haven't really played STO or SWTOR since MoP launched though. MoP and BL2 take up most of my gaming time right now.

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    pfft as if you care..
    TL2 just hit level 100
    and recently got back into BF3 so ive been noob tubing my way to easy rank ups

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    Nothing at the moment really. Was hoping MOP would have entertained me for longer, but inn few days Im gonna throw all my focus on upcoming pokemon game, hoping it's a good sequel to B/W 1, cause that game was damn good actually. Suprised me how much I did like it really.

    Else I dunno what the future inn gaming brings for me...Not happy at the moment with MOP being such a big flop, reminding me of Diablo3, the game that should have taken every single hour off my life, he'll maybe a game that could have made me quit wow all together.
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    MoP, LoL, and Radiant Historia (DS), but i also play some random steam games at times.

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    Well right now i am playing Mario Jungle Adventure , Formula Legend , Extreme Monster car.

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    Borderlands 2, GW2, Darksouls: Prepare to Die, soon to include Pokemon black and white 2.

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    a mixture or gw2, lol, swtor and world of warplanes beta

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    MoP, LoL, Smite and whatever I feel like playing on consoles whenever I get around to starting a new game. Currently starting a new Metroid Prime and just finished Digimon World DS. Gonna try and get started on finishing Pokémon Volt White, stopped right before the Elite Four for whatever reason.

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    LoL, Remnant Knights, and NBA 2K13 (hey nerds can like basketball too!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenhou View Post
    MoP, LoL, and Radiant Historia (DS), but i also play some random steam games at times.
    I have been trying to track down a copy of Radiant Historia for awhile now. Is it as good as everyone claims it is?

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    A bit of Torchlight 2 until I decide to buy Borderlands 2. I should probably finish up some of the dozens of games I have yet to complete too. I also found a F2P MMO on Steam recently named C9, or Continent of the Ninth Seal, which I actually quite like.

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    Currently playing (when I have the time) Torchlight 2, FTL and Minecraft off and on. Also been playing some Planetside 2 beta.

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    League of Legends, Duels of Planeswalkers 2013, Super Meat Boy, Firefall beta.

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    GW2 and Void Rim beta ftw

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    GW2 for the most part, only logging into wow for progression. A little bit of anno2070 and torchlight2 as well. I also can't wait for S3 seasons to come out already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenhou View Post
    MoP, LoL, and Radiant Historia (DS), but i also play some random steam games at times.
    Love that game.

    I'm currently playing Tales of Graces f and Madden 13.

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    GW2 and Rune Factory 3. I love me some Rune Factory, can't wait for 4. Trying to get all the waifus in 3. Also, BW2 comes out soon, so I will be playing that!

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    Starhawk, free on PSN plus after 6 hours of downloading lol.

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    Guild Wars 2, making ele my new main, double dagger is just too fun.
    MoP, mainly doing dungeons, can't stand the questing system. Dungeons are still pretty fun though.
    Borderlands 2, still having a blast with this game.
    Oct 23rd-30th, Forza Horizon
    Oct 30th-Nov 6th Assassin's Creed 3.
    Nov 6th- I complete the game, Halo 4.
    Then I go back and complete AC:3, then Forza, then back to my mmo's.
    That's pretty much my year. Not bad.

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    StarCraft II.
    Howay the lads!

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    Dota 2 24/7 / Dark Souls II
    - Diablo 3
    - Dota II
    - MoP
    - Darksiders II

    Been doing a lot of MoP actually since Dota makes me very mad from time to time and D3 is a bit boring until 1.5

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