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    The things you hate thread.

    Just in one of those moods. It's also interesting to see what other people hate. It doesn't have to be anything big, like famine or racism, just things that annoy you in your day to day life. I have plenty, but I'll just go for a one that came to mind and that also sparked this thread.

    Teenagers (or some adults) that think they are talented photographers. Take a photo of something, make it black and white or add a sepia effect and bam, your a photographer now. Anyone can point a camera at something pretty, it doesn't make you talented.

    How about you? The more the better.
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    Boredom - i hate boredom...

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    I hate people.

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    Mitt Romney.
    My hometown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cattaclysmic View Post
    Boredom - i hate boredom...

    I also have a good hate for shitty people. Saw an extreme case some weeks ago, guy sits next to me and a mate in school, driving home inn the bus. Clearly hes one of thoes fucked up looser types, said he'd just gotten out after 8 months for an assaulting someone...what the person didnt do inn that bus (30 mins or so) cant be mentioned...he was so fucked up its extreme. I still wondor if he was on drugs (he was drunk atleast).
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    Selfish right winging fascists.

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    I cant stand:
    Slow driver, why do you go 60km/h on a 90km/h road? Really?
    People that walk slow in the supermarket, moooove!
    Thats about it.

    Thank you Shyama <3
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    I hate not being able to fall asleep when i'm tired, it just makes me mad.
    I also can't stand women with 5 kids driving on the bike to school and you're behind them. they are so slowwww!
    Also when i fall outside because of the snow, it looks stupid.
    Also people who call everyone Fanboys just because they dont like the same game
    People who automaticly think you like GW2 just because you don't like WoW
    My Little pony also the people who like them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    """"""""Also when i fall outside because of the snow, it looks stupid.""""""

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    I hate this kid in my class because we're in a high end physics class requiring strong math skills. He's in Calc 1 right now. Class requires Calc 3. I finished Calc 4. Like every 3 minutes he raises his hand either because he doesn't understand something or because he's just a fucking retard. (He asked "what does that symbol mean?" And one of our classmates was like "that's a 2." Really?)

    I hate nosy neighbors.

    I hate people that invade personal space. This girl came in late to my theology class (bullshit core I am required to take) and she sits next to me and as she moves her chair, she's wayyy WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much in my personal desk area, so much so if my arms weren't crossed, then my left elbow had to be on her desk. And that's a 3 hour class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blikz1 View Post
    Selfish right winging fascists.
    They're annoying as fuck, just like them thieving left wing communist are.

    Anyways, politics as usual and them bible thumpers/fanatical atheists.

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    What I hate? When I'm bored, that's what I hate, also, when I have nothing to do, that's pretty boring.

    By the way, I don't see this thread lasting long. Why? Because you people aren't taking it easy.

    Just post stuff you hate from the everyday, small things I'd say.
    Perfect Illusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcorn1992 View Post
    Well it does :@ it also doesent feel nice

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    When you just sit down and someone calls for you get up and walk to them, then you do help them sit back down get called again /suicide.
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    Rude people really irk me, how hard is it to say please and thank you?

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    People who are intolerant of other people's cultures
    The Dutch
    People who use movie quotes when trying to be funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Activi-T View Post
    People who are intolerant of other people's cultures
    The Dutch
    People who use movie quotes when trying to be funny
    Why the dutch!

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    judgmental people
    people who don't know that might and grace of air are the same thing (and every other buff)
    people who think they're the hottest shit out there

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    Free loading worthless people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    Why the dutch!
    Its a paraphrased quote... Which coincides with his last sentence for comic effect.

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