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    The French.
    The Welsh.
    Overly Patriotic Americans.
    Exodus.^<----- fit hand in hand.
    Grammar Nazis.
    Self-righteous people.
    Stuck-up middle class kids.
    The UKs obsession with American politics.
    Chelsea (the place in London and the football team)
    John Terry, Ashley Cole, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney. Oh and Joey Barton.
    People who sugar coat everything and anything, if you're going to say something racist at least say the insult without trying to come off all "politically correct" (i do not condone racism, feel like i need to put that out there)
    Religious people who get all up in your face about it. The same goes for Atheist's.
    Bad drivers.
    Chicks who act overly slutty.
    Self righteous vegetarians/vegans.

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    In no particular order:

    Behavior of people in large groups.
    Religious fanatics.
    People that constantly mis-use 'no one', 'everyone', and such.
    Twitter and anything related to it.
    Anything that can slide around on the dash of a car.
    Cold coffee.
    Music and other art forms being described as 'relevant'.
    People who argue political topics while doing no research or remotely objective fact checking on what they're yelling about.
    Most pop music.
    Lip syncing.
    Dance crazes.
    Automatic transmissions.
    Crooked baseball hats.
    Skinny jeans.
    American Idol (and all it's other variants).
    Most djent.
    Most screamo - mallcore - whatever the fuck it's called metal.
    Micro-genre music classification (yes, I know I just made a hypocrite of myself).
    MP3 format.
    Republicans who claim to want less government oversight, yet want to increase governments intrusion into personal decisions.
    Most internet / gaming slang.
    Diet soda.
    Candy corn.
    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
    "If you are not capable of cruelty, you are absolutely a victim to anyone who is" - J. Peterson

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    Republicans, especially Mitch McConnell with a severe passion
    Ronald Reagan. I hope he is burning in hell
    Bad Driver - Make me wish I drove a bull dozer
    People who cannot park straight in a parking spot
    My job
    Chicks who do not swallow

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    -Sheeple. People that do what everyone else is doing without stopping to think about why they are doing it or if it's right. The bystander effect goes along with this and it just baffles me how it's instictive for so many people to just stand around drooling and doing nothing.
    -I hate how I don't seem to fit in with the norm. I've tried schooling after high school and pinning down my (very limited) interests so that I can choose a career, but nothing in the system makes sense to me and it's such a struggle. Why the hell do I need to research projects in a public speaking class? Why the hell are my notes in sociology graded on which format I chose to write them in instead of the content I included? Who decided that people should spend most of the time they're awake working at some job in order to be able to pay to live?
    -I hate that because I (barely) have enough money, I can pay for necessary healthcare while my boyfriend and everyone else who can't afford insurance must suffer. He broke his leg laid off from his job a while later and didn't even have enough to pay for a simple xray and cast. Thank goodness for my mother and her being able to charge her card for it, because he couldn't even get temporary finacial aid since he didn't qualify. It's utter BS.
    -Drooling, disgusting men that stare at women walking down the street or elsewhere and even go so far as to try to get their attention by whistling or saying some god awful pickup line. I've seen women do this too, not as often, but it's just as disrespectful.
    -Small chit chat, people that hover around the point and indirect communication. If you have something worth talking about, talk to me about it directly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vizardlorde View Post
    Im guessing I'm either not a male, not a human, or older than what my birth certificate says... interesting. (I don't talk unless others talk to me, and I never had an interest in being "cool")

    OT: People who judge others according to stereotypes and preconceptions. (like people who called me a liar because I was a teenager = apparently every single person becomes the dirtiest liar the second they turn 13 until they turn 20 then they all become the most honest people in the world)
    Well i wasnt talking specificly at you. I know not all teens are like that. but when you go to school or look outside or are in the city
    Do you not get what agree with what im talking about?

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    Religious people
    People who draw the racist card for literally nothing
    People who shout 'ableism' for everything.
    People who hate on feminists (get over yourselves and read up on what an actual feminist stand for)
    Roughly 80% of people on Earth.
    Justin Bieber
    The masses who act like sheep
    Small talk/chit chat
    Instagram, or more accurately, people who post their shitty food, baby or shoe pics on there, uuuurgh!
    Over the top political correctness
    People who don't even try to use correct grammar and serve the excuses "its not my first language!" and/or "i am dyslexic!" when you point it out.
    Animal cruelty
    The YOLO trend
    People who are 'never at fault'. Always trying to shift the blame over to someone or something else.
    Breeders (think the Duggars and such)
    People who question your choice(s) because they are outside of what society considers 'normal'. (childfree, vegetarian, single)
    Fanboyism/Fangirlism (Yeah I get it, you love this or that but you can shut up about it for 1 second and you are able to not go bash people who feel differently.)
    Pairing wars (I am into anime, pairing wars suck major donkey balls, people feel different, get over it.)
    Overly positive people who tell you everything will be fine regardless of what you tell them. ("My parents died in a car crash today..." "Chin up, it'll be fine! Just look forward!"
    Pride (Yeah whatever, you are black/gay/muslim, I don't care. Act civilized and shut up, so we can all try to get along.)
    The way most parents bring up their kids nowadays. (Your kid is NOT a special snowflake. Nothing it does up until 18 is special at all. Shut up.)
    People who think rehabilitation is the way for everyone who performs criminal shit. (Sometimes you just need to put a bullet in that fucker.)
    The blatant objectification of women in movies, game setc. (I don't want a plate bra, I want a full chest piece you fucking wanker!)
    Cold weather

    This is a lot. And there is probably 10 times more shit I hate. I am hateful, and I don't really care to change this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lochglen View Post
    I am wondering if Blizzard are going to give the Alliance the 5 mounts because the worgen have running wild, the horde have 5 new mounts , i just think they should balance it out, how say you all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rixis View Post
    hows about you give half your money to africa because you have more than them, and it's not balanced
    no? didn't think so

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    Commies, socialists... basically any fiscal left-wingers.

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    Right now, the country that I live in. I swear it's getting to the point when I'm ashamed to say where I am from when I go abroad, it's like ''..oh a small south-eastern European country you've hopefully never heard of''. What kind of primitive fools live here words cannot describe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    Well i wasnt talking specificly at you. I know not all teens are like that. but when you go to school or look outside or are in the city
    Do you not get what agree with what im talking about?
    Sorry that was my asshole way of saying not to say that everyone is the same, but I do agree that my generation is full of imbeciles from both sexes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vizardlorde View Post
    Sorry that was my asshole way of saying not to say that everyone is the same, but I do agree that my generation is full of imbeciles from both sexes.
    Though lately age doesent really matter that much either. There's many immature people around my age aswell! not to say i'm always mature though
    i do have my moments too

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    Having seen some of the responses, my example in the OP seems very petty now.

    I started to write some real annoyances down, but genuinely there is so many I stopped after the first one and gave up there. :S
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    Quote Originally Posted by Activi-T View Post
    People who are intolerant of other people's cultures
    The Dutch
    People who use movie quotes when trying to be funny
    Good post

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    People who bash others for liking something which they do not like.
    Those cars that people modify to have such massive spoilers and a huge exhaust so you can hear it 2 miles away. (Boy Racers)
    A lot of people in my college or better known as the average (stereotypical) college kid who thinks they rule the world and all who inhabit it.
    People who complain that there is never anything good on TV or youtube.
    How Human Rights also affects people who have killed or been involved in helping/taking part in mass murders etc.
    People being too overprotective of everything and their children.
    People who take things FAR too seriously.
    People who shove stuff into others faces in an attempt to join them etc.
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    • Girls with too much makeup on
    • Boy racers
    • Mushrooms
    • Religion (all religion)
    • Boy bands
    • Chavs
    • Weeaboos
    • Wapanese
    • People with anime avatars
    • Car insurance
    • The french
    • World of Warcraft from 2010 onwards
    • Job interviews
    • Public transport
    • People who own cats
    • Most Apple products
    • Bobby Kotick
    • Call of Duty
    • Fast food
    • Magpies
    • The upper middle class
    • Vegetarians
    • Vegans
    • Alcohol
    • Weed and every person that smokes it
    • Ginger people
    • Fat girls
    • Liquorice
    • Kids
    • Feminism

    I think that about covers it.

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    (almost) everything

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