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    I think keeping up Shuffle 100% should not bee too hard with some haste + good add-ons to monitor duration.
    Yes keeping up shuffle 100% of the time whilst also keeping guard on CD is entirely possible, you can even still purify some times. And it gets better as you get more haste.

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    It's not too bad and you shouldn't have to worry about maximizing your Brewmaster performance if you aren't doing progression raiding. Here's a simple priority you can use for 'ok' tanking, which is probably fine for heroic 5 mans:

    Purifying Brew if stagger is yellow or higher (1 chi)
    Guard (2 chi + 30s cooldown)
    Keg Smash->Breath of Fire when it's up (treat them like a combo, and only use them together--skip BoF if the target is immune to Dizzying Haze)
    Blackout Kick (2 chi)
    Expel Harm if > 40 energy
    Jab (single target) or Spinning Crane Kick (aoe) if > 40 energy
    Tiger Palm

    Most of the time you will just be rotating between tiger palm, jab and blackout kick, since everything else has a cooldown.

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    Don't forget that Rushing Jade Wind Proc's shuffle, so it's like an AoE Blackout Kick (though with a CD) and then you can spam SCK for +1 Chi and +30% Dmg if you have 3+ targets.

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    did the reversal role on feng 25m tonight as my first brewmaster task, I dont think ive ever had more fun tanking since i started..

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    I need to setup my weakauras to remind me to guard, I forget it OFTEN, but my healers still love healing me ^__^

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    My weakauras shows me when guard is cooling down, warns me when guard is off cooldown but i don't have enough Chi, and makes a specific alarm noise when Gaurd is off cooldown and I do have Chi. I'm still tweeking it though.

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    without going into too much detail.... it is AWESOME, ENGAGING, AND FUN! it is the most enjoyable experience i have had as a tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwald View Post
    Exactly what he said. I have had healers tell me that the gap between good/bad monks is astounding. I barely take damage in heroics - as an example, my party got locked out of a boss (lol get inside the doors). I kept myself alive and the warlock that was with me (also drain life spam), and we took the boss from 100-0 without any real "heal". Chi Wave, expel Harm, fortifying brews, guard, etc.

    It is more fun than any tanking class I have played, but it really does require you to be skilled. - Kungju - Sargeras

    I was going to name my Monk 'Kungfungus' until I changed my mind at the last second. SOOOOOOO glad I did. Every Monk and his grandma seem to have "Kung" in their names.

    As for Monk tanking, I like it. I think it's more fun than my DK and Pally tanking, about on par with my Warrior tank and a little less fun than my Druid tank. And yes, I do love tanking and I have end game raided on every tank except Monk so far.
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