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    Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition

    I couldn't find the "Official thread on this" fr what it's worth. I really did enjoy the Witcher 2. After playing Dragon Age 2. My hope was destroyed of it being a "good game" I could go on and on but frankly I found this game to be much more fun. I have a few questions about the game though.

    What does Enhanced Edition Offer that the normal one does not?

    When will they make the Witcher 3? Even Dragon Age 3 they been working on for over a year. Yet nothing on Witcher 3. Which you will see in the video they talk about his lost romance leaves me to guess that a third story is incoming.

    What do you want see in Witcher 3?

    Frankly I am glad they are not "watering down" the romance. It seemed odd to me you could cut the head off a foe with a single strike. Blood gushing from their throat. But some games took a more..covered up view of romance as if they human body was filthy. I felt it was unfair and nice to see some games that still have the spark.

    One of the best parts from obvious twists in the game was this video. Warning please be at least 18 to watch it. Taken from Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition from "Rose of Remembrance"

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Dalliah- View Post
    From the steam page:
    Thank You. I'm trying the game again after a play through. I'm at the part where I pick Roch or other side. I haven't seen any characters. The graphics are on it look a bit smoother. I was actually impressed how well the graphics flowed compared to other games. I'm eager to try these new adventures. I have't encountered anything new. At least from what I can see.

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    By the way, all DLCs for Witcher games are and always will be free. Also if you have Witcher 2 normal edition, you'll get free upgrade to Enchanced Edition.

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