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    In Vale of Eternal Blossoms there's a particular daily quest you get after finishing the bulk of Golden Lotus dailies, which involves killing an elite on top of a waterfall. This quest seems to have not one, but two major issues causing a lot of headaches. First, since this mob has an exclamation mark it's probably meant to give credit to anyone attacking it, however this isn't the case and only gets tagged by the first player or group attacking it. Second, this area is only accessible with flying mounts and if you get killed up there and have no allies around to resurrect, you'll be forced to res at the graveyard giving you a nice debuff and repair bill.

    Since the alliance population has a tendency to outnumber the horde on a lot of servers, you'll often find groups of alliance players camping the area and attacking any horde that show up on PvP servers. This happened to me and a couple of others. I predict a lot of nerdrage coming from this quest once most of the player base reaches 90, unless these issues are addressed swiftly.

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    Nice example of world pvp.

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