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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaramon View Post
    I don't start it every time. I started it now, because a week ago there was this exact same thread. Same with the week before, and before. There's even threads on the official forums.

    I don't mind Vanilla threads, but I want personal experiences. I love reading about some event or quest from back then, but I won't glee at every "LOL I REMEMBUR BARRENS CHAT".

    I'd love this thread if it was more personal and didn't feel like a giant copypaste from Wowpedia.

    Example, jbombard's story. THAT'S good thread material.
    Sorry, it was not my goal to accuse you of starting it every time. That was not formulated optimally. Thank you for the constructive reply, I agree with you. It indeed would be a better thread. So I will make the first step then.

    I still remember when I reached lvl 60 with my first character, a dwarf paladin named Migrin. I was killing a mage ogre in the searing gorche and farmed my last percentages of XP. It took me a little more than 20 days of time played to reach this point and I was very proud to have been 6 days faster than my friend, who played a gnome rouge.

    The next day I started with the MC pre quest and got the polearm from UBRS. I felt like I was doing a butload of damage with it. The last 2h weapon I got before was the mace from Maraudon. The week after, I was taken to MC the first time, expecting to rip things apart. Only than I realized what it means to be a paladin in a raid. I was mashing my decursive macro like a mad man and refreshed my 5 minute buffs when there was a cd to spare. But what really made me said was when I was told to wait out of fight to rezz people afterwards...
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    Knowing who Thottbot was before wow, and beeing a frequent guest on his page shows, that you played MMOs before WoW

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    That single night elf NPC at Forest Song who always got killed by horde.
    Escort quests involving an NPC that's several lvls below the mobs in the area.
    Outdoor instances. (Stromgarde, Jintha'Alor)
    The daring run from Chillwind to SM through WPL and The Bulwark.
    You knew what a "switcher" was.

    You know you played vanilla if "LOOT THE DOG" was one of the most frequent phrases ever said in raid chat or ventrilo/TS2.
    And if "DONT LOOT THE DOGS FFS THEY RESPAWN" was one of the most frequent phases ever said in BG chat. (bonus points if you knew it was a lie all along and they respawned when Drek reset)
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    You played vanilla if you opend or helped open the gates to AQ and raided 40 man raids ? has this been said

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    You still remember you had to pick pocket mobs to get blinding powder as rogue.

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    You know you played vanilla when you still had fun in this game.

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    One shotting cloth with 2 hand wielding Enhance Shaman...windfurywtfcritcritcritpwn

    Oh and....FROST SHOCK!!!
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    You played WoW vanilla if you rember:

    AV runs could lasts 6 hours or more.
    Could wipe in SM Cath even with 3 lvl 60 in the group.
    Ench shams were threat bombs and could easly overaggro the tank in dungons.
    Rogues could kill you with typing 2 buttons or a using a skinning knife.
    Jintha'Alor required a full party to quest there.
    Needed the mallet you got from Hinterlands to summen the Hydra in ZF.
    Druids had the best buff of them all.
    It was scary to qst at Terror Run in Un' Goro.
    A Warlock with Dreadsteed actually meant something.
    Paladin was ally only and shamans was Horde only.

    Thats all i can think of for now.

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    undead shoulder/weapon size

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    You played Vanilla if you killed Onyxia with jumping on the "wall" to avoid Breaths...
    Endure. In enduring, grow strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vassilisz View Post
    you played vanilla if your mage got owned in 3 secs by a Sulfuron wielding shaman?-Windfury with legendary 2-hander in a no resilience enviroment!

    1/5 of the realm was night elf hunters!

    eviscerate did a fixed amount of damage scaling only with level!

    frost mage was pve!

    warlocks had to farm soul shards in order to create one health stone per raid member in 40-man raids!

    alliance/horde ratio was like 5/2 and 70% of the alliance had no idea what skills to use?

    hunters were needing everything?

    rogues were 2-shotting people?

    maraudon was a high level instance added in a patch?

    there was a sea of 0 use talents like 1% dodge per rank for rogues or 5% fire,frost,nature reduction per rank for elemental shaman?

    Will of the Forsaken lasted 30 sec!

    engineering was creating nets to root people in pvp and bombs to stun them(though it was like tossing them 1.5 g)

    Naxramas was the final dungeon!

    some tradeskills were divided into subcategories(swordsmith/armorsmith etc)

    only the horde had bloodlust!

    buffs were working only in a single group!

    you had to level weapon skill and intelect increased the speed of it,you also had to visit at least 2 of the faction's capital in order to learn them all

    only undead priests had devouring plague!

    people were just having fun chasing each other in random locations...ah,nostalgia...
    Ehm, bloodlust didn't come till TBC so horde was never alone with that, just sayin

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    Nightdragons breath.
    If you paused your raids and everyone went to orgrimmar to get ony head buff before engaging huhuran

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    If you remember what BUS SHOCK! is.....


    Shaman forums causing Tseric the CM to quit/get fired.

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    If you made a warlock duel you in silithus
    so that he could give you curse of recklessness
    so that you could be immune to fears
    so you could have the smallest chance of killing that demon
    so you could get your Rok/Lok!

    I was down there for hours just watching my hunter friend fail =(

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    Forgot some of them, and didn't know priest buff give attack power
    You should add if you remember Saurfang heroic act in AQ, and you can kill Thrall easier than Saurfang, actually you can kill any NPC in game easier than revenge and crit with 10k Saurfang
    The beginning of wisdom is the statement 'I do not know.' The person who cannot make that statement is one who will never learn anything. And I have prided myself on my ability to learn
    Thrall 7:20+ "Alliance remaining super power", clearly blizz favor horde too much, that they made alliance the super power

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    If you remember Blizzard having an bias towards alliance (paladins, fearwards i loath ye)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaramon View Post
    I'm butthurt? Because I've seen the same thread a billion times? You would have known if you did a simple search. Most of the things you mentioned AREN'T EVEN VANILLA SPECIFIC. I got my Benediction in WotLK, does that mean I remember Vanilla?

    I didn't flame anyone, I simply said that none of your "memories" prove that you played vanilla. It's facts that anyone knows by now. Because of, omg, threads like these.

    If you told me a story on the other hand, about some specific experience or some grind, I'd respected your thread and story. This is just a list of features, that again, most were still there until Cata.
    Why do you always have to be so mean to everyone?

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    ...damn this thread...I haven't played in a year and suddenly I'm feeling nostalgic. Must...resist...the call of...THE HORDE!!

    only if my favorite Shaman is back in the big chair

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    My memories of Vanilla;

    Creating a night elf and running for what seemed like forever with a friend from the elf area to westfall so we could do the Deadmines, at around level 12 so we could do the pre-quests. That first time felt like such an adventure, trying to keep to the paths and watching out for mobs twice our level. Its the kind of thing you need company for to really feel fun though, on my own it would have been fairly boring.

    Being told we HAD to do Scarlet Mon as it was awesome and had awesome stuff in there, and making our way there as alliance at level 38 on a pvp server. Did it with the same friend, and again was an epic, long but fun adventure.

    Making my priest my main, and constantly getting whispers from people asking me if I wanted to join for a dungeon as a healer. This was partly because everyone assumed priests would be healers, and also because thats just what people did if you were a healer. I didnt have some amazing reputation on the server as a healer, if you were a healer, you got lots of whispers. At least on my server.

    I remember all the people begging for money for mounts at level 40 (when that was the 60% mount) because getting the 90g you needed at that level for it was actually pretty hard, especially on your first character. When I re-rolled on a different server from my priest as a hunter, I would actually spend time farming mats for leatherworking blues (I was a hunter) which were the best sellers I had. Ironically I could get more for some Barbaric Bracers now than I could back then.

    Theres more, but I gotta go to work. Will probably add more later.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eldrad View Post
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    Just saying.
    MMO Champ forums - where Cata is comparable to Hitler.

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    I remember doing AV for the first time as my 51 arms warrior and getting my ice barbed spear from what I thought was a short match since we won fairly quickly (not all AV's took 6 hours guys...). I then proceeded to own rogues levels above me with overpower whenever they popped evasion!

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