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    When will of the forsaken lasted 30 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diatribe View Post
    You know you played Vanilla when you ground out your epic mount training & mount and then said "Never again." (because gaining money back then sucked hardcore)
    You must not have played the same vanilla as me,... My main was a miner and he had 1600 g by the time he reached level 60 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    You played vanilia if you know, Scholo was originally a 10man raid instance.

    False. It was overtuned 5man, but you could enter with a raid. Same for all the original lv60 dungeons. UBRS was tuned for.. 15 I think it was at first? then got knocked down to 10 and 5 over time.

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    ...when you never ever want to type /played

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodylotion View Post
    Ok guys,
    "You played vanilla if..." finish this sentence.
    You played vanilla if you handed in 70 bazillion rune cloth to the Trolls so you can get an awesome Raptor mount (as an Orc), paid huge amounts of gold to buy it (because riding was cheap, mounts were expensive back then) then 2 weeks later they reversed the costs (riding expensive, mounts cheap).

    I was so proud of getting that mount.

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    I remember being boosted in SFK on my level 23 rogue by a 60 hunter who had to leave halfway through because his 2 hour AV que had popped.

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    If you remember how the old WoW website and forums looked!

    Also, when you had to farm fire resistance for MC and BWL.
    When you remembered that Warlocks could speak in [Demonic] and Forsaken could speak [Common] instead of [Gutterspeak].
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maudib View Post
    Easy.. they quit WoW sometime during Wrath because it was never the same after BC...
    Uhhh... I'm still playing.
    The night is dark and full of terrors...

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    You know what OOC Rez is and what classes were stuck doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duridi View Post
    + originally it was the actual mount that cost shitload, while training the skill was rather cheap in comparison.
    No, originally there was no riding skill at all, you just bought the mount and were done with it.
    Note, that was at level 40, not 20.

    Relatedly: weapon skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodylotion View Post
    If you remember how the old WoW website and forums looked!

    Great pic Still renember it. Was cool to read the old postes when they closed it down. Especially one thread was great to look at, where top-guilds where reporting kills in naxx, and one guy trying to keep the main post updated for guild ranking.

    I really liked thoes forums.

    Edit: You have played Vanilla if you know that classes that's able to heal were 99% of times healing.

    That gold was sparse to get, and getting you're epic mount was likely going to be you're biggest achivement inn quit some time.

    That getting epic's were really something, made raiding alot more unique. I still renember how I reacted to getting Tier2 helm off onyxia inn my was it 2nd raid ever. Granted I was young back then but fuck I got happy. And later on when I had Tier2 chest off Nefarian on our like 2nd guild kill or something.
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    Wonderful run to Badlands on feet through Loch Modan as Horde.

    Itarius questline that just ends in Winterspring.

    Tablets of Hakkar.

    Weapons with weapon skill that were best in slot regardless of DPS.

    Hunter weapons with slow speed that were best in slot regardless of DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodylotion View Post
    Which inn?
    goldshire, honor hold (HFP) - there are few melodies.

    it is sounds a little bit different from youtube video, but has the same motive
    Aldoraan Ret Pally since 2.4

    Outland - love forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldoran View Post
    goldshire, honor hold (HFP) - there are few melodies.

    it is sounds a little bit different from youtube video, but has the same motive
    It is different, hence I mentioned the old vanilla tune :>

    If you remember BEASTSLAYING +2 RED GLOW! OH YEAH!

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    you played in vanilla if you're capable of using google
    i kid, i kid.

    My contribution is thottbot! Used that for everything

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    If your friend loaned you 10 silver to train your skills and demanded that you pay it back!

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    I don't even know anymore.
    If you remember curse of shadows lowering resistances to negative numbers leading to hilarious one shots in pvp.
    "Terror, darkness, power? The Forsaken crave not these things; the Forsaken ARE these things."

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    LFM UBRS. no more rogues.
    LFM Strath/scholo. Need lock/mage/hunter
    Guild of Guilds is looking for more raiders. No more rogues.
    Nerf enhancement shamans!
    (yes, they are actually that good, a long time ago).
    *20th UBRS run. Dal'rend off hand still doesn't drop*

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    as a rogue, when you know about the nostaligc value of "detect traps" that has been added again in mop - with no real effect other than the animation.

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