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    Ironforge was the main-city all until Cata.

    I miss IF

    IF > SW

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    How about the run from southshore to scarlet monestary in vanilla? or the crockpot quest in STV that needed ore from arathi highlands then required you to run all the way to booty bay?

    However you played vanilla if you remember the difficulty of the warrior quest to obtain fury stance.

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    Not sure if this was posted, remember the walk of shame when doing Ragnoros of Molten Core...going into Blackrock dungeon as a 40 man before trying Rag, getting the fire buff from the adds inside Blackrock (upper) which only allowed a certain amount in, mind controlling an add which gave the buff and cycling everyone through. Then to Rag quickly for a try.

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    I remember when Ogre's were fat and out of shape... not buff like they are now.

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    I remember the first week of release as alliance, sneaking over to Wailing Caverns and grabbing the "hidden" quests above it, and ducking in before we got killed.
    Loot lag.
    AH being completely borked.

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    You know you played vanilla if you don't remember anything you did during the entire game.

    Vanilla is like the infancy years! You can just barely make out a few random pictures and key moments but you don't really have any concrete memories.
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    You know you played Vanilla if you ran into UBRS to Mindcontrol a mob to give everyone 40 players a resist fire buff to help kill Ragnaros.

    You know you played Vanilla if you feel like Southshore is the most emptiest place on Earth nowaday.

    You know you played a hunter in Vanilla if you know how to effeciently kite and pull trash in raids for tanks without Misdirect.

    You know you played in Vanilla if you felt like you couldn't miss a single week of PVP in fear of losing a rank.

    You know you played Vanilla if you needed Shaman for horde or Dwarf Priest for alliance to kill Onyxia.

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    Getting an epic mount was really epic and 1k gold was an insane amount
    Onyxia attunement and the Linken quest chain in Un' Gorro crater

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    Remember when mining required you to equip the pick and you had to click more than once to collect a node.

    Remember when summoning Gahzrilla in ZF was a big deal because of everything you went through for the mallet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solia View Post
    when VC was short for Dead Mines.
    Was different on my server, DM = dead mines, DMW, DMN, DME = dire maul west, north, east.

    You played Vanilla if you remember 40 people going to silithus to kill the boss so your tank could get his thunderfury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solia View Post
    when VC was short for Dead Mines.
    Still is in my book.

    You played in vanilla when the word "Jailbreak" brings back bad memories.

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    When as a rogue Poisons were a profession, and they were stacks of I think 80 that ran out and you had to re apply during fights all the damn time.

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    When Tauren had Plainstriding as a mount before there were Kodos. It had a ramp up time and when you got hit it went back down to the base amount.
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    You played Vanilla if:

    -You payed more for your mount than your riding lessons, opposite to what it's now.
    -You grinded rep with AB to buy the epic shoulders.
    -You raided UBRS.
    -You participated in a battle for Tarren Mill, Southshore, or a Crossroads Raid.
    -You were lucky enough to join AV at the right time to get the weapon for the quest, so you didn't have to play 24 hours of AV to complete that quest.
    -You saw a giant elemental get summoned in AV.
    -You did the Jintha'Alor quests in Hinterlands with a 5 man group.
    -You did the questline for the Hammer of Zul Farak to summon the Hydra boss.
    -You had to fight your way through elite mobs before even entering any dungeon.

    If there is anything that is already said, sorry, I didn't have time to read all posts.

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    I see your
    Quote Originally Posted by Geoangelic View Post
    Not read 1 comment about:

    Being in a 40 man raid and only having party frames

    And raise you the following... just because you didnt use it dose not mean it was not available!

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoangelic View Post
    Arcane Power and Zandalarian Hero Charm
    Toss in TOEP and we got a deal

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    You played Vanilla if you're terrified of killing Civilians for DKs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dekadez View Post
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    You played Vanilla if Murlocks made your life Hell.

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    quivers... running out of arrows... soul bags... Killing rats at the deeprun tram to increase new weapon skill.... and 60% GROUND MOUNTS AT LVL 40!

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    -you remember the NPC's in AV and ALL the commanders and they're locations.
    -you remember when warlocks and paladins had to do a questline that required both mats and items plus about 720g to get their epic mounts (the riding skill was free)
    -certain classes had abilities or "stances" that required a questline to be completed to advance your class, such as a warrior's zerker stance.
    -leveling up those damn weapon skills!
    -if you know what "increases your skills with axes by 5" means

    forgot one...

    if you know what this tab was, and how painful it was to fill that meter...
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    Didnt read the 21 pages, but early vanilla players mainly alliance should know this:

    The mountain walk-climbing at the right side of the Undercity for Alliance to avoid Silverpine forest and generally everyone coming and going to Undercity, so they wouldnt start a war and get to SM easily.

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