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    You know you played classic if you got a guild group together to get your Epic Warlock Mount...

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    If you remember "FROST SHOCK!" XD

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    If you remember Call of: water/air/fire/earth and the epic non-mounted journey it lead you on...
    Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.

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    You played vanilla if you were bloodly slaughtered at Tarren Mill by overleveled Alliance players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    I know almost all of these, and I started playing at the end of TBC. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Not all of these are strictly Vanilla, either. Hunter ammo / Warlock soulshards were removed with Cata launch. You can still get Benediction today. etc. etc.
    even in icc engineers were making saronite arrows for hunters..

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    In fact I didn't start playing till wotlk and I remember doing alot of this stuff, like levelling weapon skills and such..

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    When I got yelled at VERY early MC for using Barman Shanker since it took a precious debuff slot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    You can still get Benediction today. etc. etc.
    The Benediction quest was actually removed in the Cata old world revamp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dch48 View Post
    Vanilla was when as a Hunter, pets were all different in their run speeds, attack speeds and damage output. They also had to be fed regularly to gain their full loyalty after being tamed. They would actually run away if you didn't do it and you wouldn't have a pet any more. Even when they had gained full loyalty, they had to be fed to keep their damage output at the max. I actually miss the loyalty structure and wish they wouldn't have removed it. There is no reason to ever feed a pet nowadays. The only reason I initially took up fishing was to catch food for my pets. The whole pet structure was more realistic back then. Especially if you were the only true Hunter spec (imho) Beast Master.

    I do NOT miss the pet leveling you had to do if you tamed something well beneath your own level.
    The same beast master spec that was broken for years due to the pets being incapable of taking any serious damage? I remember pets being unviable on TBC bosses till Blizzard patched in a damage reduction on aoe/cleave mechanics.

    The food was ok but it reminds me of the virtual pets craze from the 90s. It didn't really add much to the game although the loyalty system was nice.

    I remember using arcane shot to pull for tanks in MC as it did so little damage an auto attack or two would clear the threat.

    Also kiting the last boss in UBRS(Drakk?) whilst the raid finished off his guards and then sometimes he would weirdly bugged and clip through the floor horribly on his way back.

    ZG runs where every group had to have a Shaman or they missed a massive pool of buffs

    Queues at least 5 hunters long to get the leaf in MC

    The supression room in BWL being considered hard by your guild until they realised it really wasn't

    All groups having a rogue with improved sap because no one else could be relied upon to CC. If it failed everyone hung back while the rogue died.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    You played vanilia if you know, Scholo was originally a 10man raid instance.
    Technically, it's always been a 5-man dungeon; it was just possible to do it with 10-man raid. In fact, that was true of all dungeons, up until patch... I wanna say 1.10. Of course, on that note...

    You played vanilla if you know you used to be able to 40-man any instance... And that said raids STILL wiped in Stratholme.

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    ALOT of these did not come from Vanilla

    But lol at soulshards pre-cata. Almost forgot about that!

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    You played vanilla if you spent more than 3 hours in an AV

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    You played vanilla if:

    - you partisipated in the most awesome event in wow, the opening of AQ where server crashed because of too many horde and alliance and mobs at the same place
    - if you remember how OP warlocks were in pvp
    - you remember when epics were really rare
    - no flying mounts <3
    - crossroads and soutshore battles
    - you constantly tried to get to dun morogh air field
    - you had to read your quests and work really hard to locate and complete some of them

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    ... if you were a warrior and had to farm level 30-40 mobs for a level 30 blue axe quest (Whirlwind Axe).

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    Stonescale Eels paid for my Epic Riding Skill/Mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acquiesce of Telara View Post
    Stonescale Eels paid for my Epic Riding Skill/Mount.
    Ahh, Stonescale Eels. They paid for so much for me, too.

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    While I remember Vanilla with rose colored glasses, I really do appreciate all of the quality of life improvements made to the game over time. I don't have hours to spend in an instance anymore. I don't need to wait a month for my turn at gear. Surprisingly, I find myself getting a little annoyed when I go a week without an upgrade. I guess when you've had grapes, cabbage isn't as tasty. With that said, I remember running Naxx and feeling a little ashamed at having to gain world buffs just to down bosses. We would run Onyxia and then BWL to get their buffs. Later, we would also kill the Emerald Dream dragons to get some pocket change to pay for repairs.

    In WOTLK, I laughed at how easy Loatheb was. We used to require an addon that our heal lead would configure to let us know when to use our healing. If I remember correctly, there was even a spreadsheet that could help calculate when you needed to use your health potions, group healing, bandages and healthstones. Can't forget those Whipper Root Tubers.

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    You played vanilla wow if you tanked instances with arms and MS
    you played vanilla wow if you ran SM armoury and cath 1000 times just to farm everything to sell for your epic riding skill

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    ... if you died collecting Blood of Heroes

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    When you see my Old School Ride FoS.
    Infracted for 1st degree thoughtcrimes.
    Please proceed to reeducation center to purge wrongthink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolercaust View Post
    ... if you died collecting Blood of Heroes
    Haha oh man.

    "what's this--OHGODOHGODRUN...shit"
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