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    "LFG 45 Baron"

    "ffs ganked by scarlet courier"

    Waiting outside the actual Battleground Instances to queue up. Man, so many people at Silverwing Hold. It feels strange riding up there now and it just being dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodylotion View Post
    Ok guys,

    Let's talk nostalgia.
    How to know if someone played vanilla!
    You can talk about anything in vanilla that the newer players from TBC -> MoP can't know about.

    "You played vanilla if..." finish this sentence.

    I'll do a few examples:

    You played vanilla if you killed Kazzak in Blasted Lands.
    You played vanilla if you farmed Tyr's hand in EPL.
    You played vanilla if you know what benediction is as a Priest.
    ... if you can name all priest racials.
    ... if you know about 21/8/22 as a Rogue.
    ... if you know this inn music (Human inns only).
    ... when warlocks had to farm soulshards before raiding or doing anything really, poor guys. And when a soulshard took a bagslot.
    ... when hunters needed ammo for their ranged weapons, and the ammo stacked per 200 and took bagslots. And there was different types of ammo's, very strong ammo could be made by engineers.

    ... when guards gave honor.
    ... when you got knocked down by the [The Unstoppable Force]
    ... when Ironforge was the main city where everyone on Alliance hanged out because it was the only city with a Auction House.
    ... when Innerfire (Priest selfbuff) gave attack power.
    ... If you knew who Broken Tooth was as a hunter.

    Point of this thread? To remember certain things about vanilla WoW that you forgot now that someone else mentions it!
    The stuff in bold here... This was still part of TBC. Which is where I started. Hopefully those two points alone will not be enough to identify someone as a vanilla player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solia View Post
    when VC was short for Dead Mines.
    VC for Dead Mines came WAY later, just fyi. And a lot of servers (like mine, for example) weren't even using VC until late BC/early Wrath period. DM was Dead Mines, and DMW/E/N was for Dire Maul. Seems pretty simple, instead of arbitrarily naming an instance based on the initials of the final boss.

    Quote Originally Posted by Solia
    You know you played Vanilla if you feel like Southshore is the most emptiest place on Earth nowaday.
    Considering A)It's not on Earth and B)The Alliance no longer owns it, nor is the zone even relevant anymore, you're right.

    I think the single best one has to be the gold lol. Getting the obscene amounts for your epic mount was an achievement in itself. Outside of getting massive guild help for my epic mount, I don't think I ever saw more than 1k in the entirety of Vanilla. BC was a different story, we were ALL suddenly rolling in gold!

    You're a Vanilla player if you cried when you replaced your T2/T3 raiding epics with BC greens before you even hit 61 >.>
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    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Useful View Post
    when you had as your quest helper
    haha, I totally forgot about thottbot, nice and simple layout with no ads (in the beginning anyways), it was great.

    Killed almost everything in vanilla, if was great at the time but the only thing memorable (positive anyways, tons of grindy negaitves) was after months and months spending every single copper piece I'd save for a looong ass time and getting on that badass dreadsteed for the first time.
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    Netflix adds no new movies for a year, you click a new movie, there's a $5 fee.
    You're in an accident, click your onstar button, but there's an addition $20 fee for them to help.
    You turn on your tv only to find all you get are the infomercial channels. Every other show is pay per view.
    See how dumb that model is?

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    If you saw the Leeroy video when it first came out and thought those players were great.
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    If you still avoid Hillsbrad while leveling an alt out of habit.

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    Drakedog the warlock pvp master
    having riding enchant on gloves, mithril spurs on boots, and carrot on a stick for faster moving in PVP
    Engineer trinkets that reflect a certain school of magic like frost or fire
    using noggenfogger to jump from the giant tree to darkshore
    climbing the mountains behind kargath to get underneath stormwind
    wall walking
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    If you remember barrens chat or mankirks wife or remember the paladins during molten core who had to give buffs all raid long.
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    I know most of these "You know' things, and I started at the end of LK..
    And some of the stuff here still existed pre 4.0.1, and still some in cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPaladinGuy View Post
    If you saw the Leeroy video when it first came out and thought those players were great.
    leeroy was the single greatest paladin in wow ever ...... was the reason i rolled one lol

    if you remember Pat the high warlord

    and rolled a shaman cuz you watched unbreakable

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    When warriors had to "stance dance" fears on onyxia/neff.

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    Farming encrypted twilight texts and cultist gear in Silithus to pay for your epic mount, and after you're done realizing you too wanted exalted with the Cenarion circle for the AQ20 mace.

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    You played Vanilla if you admit it was a terrible game and you feel you wasted your time on it, and you lay awake at night wishing you'd just played when TBC came out instead.

    Also you keep mistaking everything for Molten Core scenery.

    It will never go away.

    Help me.

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    You remember Naxxramas as 40-man endgame content.
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    well UBRS was a 15m dungeon. I still remember queuing for that.

    The old "best way" was ppl with pvp titles but as they brought those back... I guess checking WHEN someone got a pvp title. If it's from the date of the achievements patch they're likely vanilla
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    You played vanilia if you know, Scholo was originally a 10man raid instance.
    15 man. Successfully finishing it with only 5 was valuable street cred.

    You played vanilla if you remember when tanking actually involved player skill.
    You played vanilla if you remember when Sap pulled the Rogue out of stealth and it was a race to pick up the mobs before they splattered the Rogue all over the walls.
    You played vanilla if you remember the original Badass Warrior Weapon was Blackhand Doomsaw, not some pussy "arcanite reaper" bullshit.
    You played vanilla if you remember a time when you could tell some uppity little Paladin to "shut the fuck up and heal me," and they'd say okay instead of raging about the Blizzard bourgeoisie trying to keep the hard working Ret Paladin down.
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    Another thing, I'll never forget dueling in Ironforge by using the little pillar trick to challenge. I don't remember when they fixed it, but it made me so sad.

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    Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?

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    When blessing of salvation was the BEST buff ever for a DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maudib View Post
    Easy.. they quit WoW sometime during Wrath because it was never the same after BC...
    Guilty as charged.

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    Also you played vanilla when you know that an honor grind involved 80-90 hours/week no sleep no food.

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