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    Do you think they will expand companion storylines?

    I been hearing there are rumors for a new "zone" and raising the level cap. However, I am far more interested in my companion storyline. Who could forget the bad ass girl on my Imperial Agent, or on my Sith Warrior my appertiance. There were so many unique storylines. I feel disturbed about the low sub numbers. I hope this doesn't stop the release of that content.

    Do you think they're is a chance they will expand their story lines.

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    companion story lines are supposed to be added with makeb. and from the looks of things, sgra will be added along with it.

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    I hope that they add companion missions for more than just the first companion you get. I was hoping all the companions got cool missions (a la ME2, or something like that, but numerous) instead of just the first one.

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    I hope they add more man.. I liked that some had more story to them and made them feel more real.

    in the future ALL new companions should get a few story missions added to them

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    I won't hold my breath.
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    They actually commented on this recently in an interview. I can't remember what exactly they said but it was something like that they wanted to do it but its a low priority due to how inefficient a use of their time it is. There are 40 companions and each of them only gets played by so many people.

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    I wouldn't hold my breath. A lot was promised, some was delivered. But with everything that has happened I wouldn't expect to see much added in terms of in depth story and if you do it probably wont be very good. Just my opinion, yes Im still bitter.

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