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    MogIt probably.
    Anduin sees the bigger picture for all of Azeroth. While I don't agree with aiding the Horde after Theramore in any shape or form, I guess it's just stepping stones for the story beyond Mists.
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    I absolutely disagree with working with the horde because of theramore, but I also disagree with going to war with them because of theramore.

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    Because Horde VS Alliance is old news and has become tiresome. It's time for a new direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrven View Post
    Both sides can't be filled with blood thirsty hot heads. As it stands right now both factions have douchebags leading with some divide between the other races in the faction.

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    He is kinda taking the role that Jana filled prior to her home getting destroyed. To leave more dynamic story lines open you need ppl with different povs and attitudes towards the wars.
    I beg to differ.

    Jaina still sided with Alliance and has had Pride in the Alliance.

    Anduin just seems, off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulywally View Post
    Anduin Wrynn is too passive, and too "peaceful"

    He is a shame to be the son of King Varian Wrynn.

    I dislike how he's turning into a 'Thrall' for the Alliance.

    "Theres so much more to us than this, and I know that you will find good in the Alliance AND Horde" Why does he say, and the Horde? Since when did he become Chief Vocalist for the Horde? Last i heard, the Alliance and Horde were enemies, and it should stay that way, Anduin seems as though he wants peace.

    Screw peace, peace is for softies.

    Wrynn and Hellscream are perfect for eachother because it keeps things interesting, Anduin being the "righteous child" makes me sick to my stumach,

    Ahhggg his filthiness stains me.

    The only good thing he did was save his father from the Twilight Dragonkin Ambush. Other than that please move him from "Prince of Stormwind" to, "Stuart of the Argent Crusade" or something because he acts too Neutral to be part of the Alliance.

    I don't want him to be my king in the future. Ever.
    Good thing a lot of people feel differently. Including his father now. It isn't so black n white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vensu24 View Post
    Because Horde VS Alliance is old news and has become tiresome. It's time for a new direction.
    Yeah new faction "Argent Crusade"

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    My favorite characters in Warcraft are the ones that are more Neutral, and strive for a Harmonious Azeroth.

    Hence, I love Anduin Wrynn, each to their own however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxHeart View Post
    Sorry, not really interested in some dopey looking, naive, teenage brat who believes "the horde is basically good" and has absolutely no life experience whatsoever. He's like the teenage boy version of Jaina only more of a puss.

    Also, it should be noted that I don't think it's realistic to expect thoughtful people to care about a character who wants to bridge the gap between factions. That idea of "peace" is uninteresting because of the faction-based nature of the game...because it will never, ever, evar happen. It's like investing in the slutty character in a horror movie. You see her, you like her, but you don't invest in her cause you know that bitch is gonna get offed while in the middle of doing the nasty with some douchebag. Just the way it goes.

    He's had more life experience at his age then most adults, so I don't really get that. He constantly had people messing with him and trying to abduct or kill him his whole life. He's been kidnapped and help prisoner on his own like 3+ times now? He always manages to keep his cool and come up with a plan. He's also dealt with the death of his pretty much father and close friend, Bolvar very well. Also saved his father from starting another dwarven civil war on his own and he's still a child... when he gets older he is going to a force to be reckoned with. He even has friends within the faction of his enemies that support him. As a child he's already 1000x more cunning and has shown to be a better leader for his people then Varian.

    Also Thall and Jaina back in WC3 were many peoples favorite characters and they were all about bridging the gap between factions. They are better for Azeroth as a whole. Without people like them the legion would have already crushed the horde and alliance and will crush them in the future in there return. People like Anduin are Azeroths only hope. I get that people enjoy the whole waring factions concept, I do to. When it comes to something like the legion though the only hope for Azeroth is if horde and Alliance to work together. Neither is powerful enough on their own.

    Anduin is trying to take the path that leads to the Alliance surviving rather then getting crushed by the greater threat by wasting time on a lesser one, I just don't see how that's shameful at all. As a Horde player he's always been one of my favorite Alliance ones because he actually understands the Horde and how it doesn't work like the Alliance does. He understands the Horde are different people and have a different way of living. That fighting is in their bones unlike the Alliance who enjoy peacetime. He knows that the Horde can suffer from over aggressive moments and the occasional extremist commander because of their nature, like how the Alliance can be to complacent at times because of their nature(WC3 when the plague first appeared, ignoring Medivh). He knows that if you poke the Horde with a stick they are going to swing back with a bat, they thrive in war. He wants to sit back and let someone else poke the horde, give time for their true enemies to surface. Varian takes every skirmish as a personal insult to Alliance honor, while Anduin understands that its the nature of the horde. The new horde doesn't have the unity the Alliance does or the history of working together with each other like they do, sometimes shit hits the fan and orders aren't followed.

    That's why Thrall was so good for Azeroth and the Horde/Alliance. He settled the horde in a wasteland to direct their energies elsewhere during peace and pushed them towards other enemies like demons and LK. He also knew how to throw the hammer down when someone got out of line.
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    I personally hope there setting him up to get the axe in MoP. Being caught and beheaded by would piss off the entire Alliance and a lot of the Horde, giving Baine and Vol'jin a reason to revolt.

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    I do believe the op hasn't read any of the books so he has no idea what his talking about.
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    If I wanted a warmonger that wanted to paint Azeroth blue, I'd join the Horde.
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    Yeah, I totally agree. WoW should only have characters who go "rawr me kill u". Any other type of character is just horribly written or boring. This game ain't World of PEACEcraft is it? No. Everyone should want to kill each other and go to war, there is no peace in a world of warcraft. /s

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    Reading the comments here makes me sad. Even sadder than the whole Thrall/Garosh switch back what feels like ages ago.

    To shudder that people think like that in reality.

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    Can I just add that he is probably one of the best characters in WoW.
    He has always been this way and never switched his personality back and forth. He has always been about looking for common ground.
    He is a nice contrast to Garrosh. Varian is the father of Anduin as Grom is to Garrosh. Grom and Varian were both leaders, although in very different situations and ways but they are to an extent dramatic or have bestial/insane strength under pressure (Varian with his wolf spirit and Grom killing Mannoroth). Garrosh has always been about "I hate what my father done and I want to bring respect to my family once more" yet he is very bipolar and commits unspeakable horrors. Anduin has always been about peace, and even at troublesome times (being captured by Horde) he has never been cruel or downgraded someone by their race.
    I understand WoW is about war, but we wouldn't be able to play this game if it was constant massacre. We need people like Jaina, Thrall and Anduin. They are the light in the dark people. Once the legion comes, I bet you will change your mind about how Anduin became a legendary part of the Alliance. He should have a statue in front of Turalyon and Alleria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vryer View Post
    Because he's going to be the glue between the two factions when the legion attacks Azeroth again..?
    Wraithon? Though he favors the alliance, so i guess he's out

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    For some reason I have a feeling that Garrosh has Anduin killed, and this is what causes the Horde to turn on him and the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. It would be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back; better to die opposing him than live in fear of him and let innocents be murdered.

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    i dont think the war will really ever end but i do see them coming to a sort of truce whenever the legion returns. i mean they basically set aside their difference ever expansion to get rid of the big bad right?

    didnt they sort of work together on quel'danas to make sure kj wasnt summoned thru the sunwell? didnt they sort of work together in icc to get rid of the lich king? didnt they sort of work together to get rid of deathwing? i mean you could argue that they fought each other along the way, but in my opinion in the end they basically all said "well we need to kill this dude before he destroys azeroth"

    thats kinda the way i feel about the "peace" anduin is/will bring when the legion returns. think back to the wc3 campaign, when medivh finally got jaina and thrall together. they made a truce and they worked together. in a couple of the missions you had orcs and humans in the came camps together, they argued but they ultimately realized the end game goal was to destroy archimonde, this was proven even moreso in the final fight of the campaign where you had all 3 factions working together. this is how i think the next legion expac will unfold. you'll see a sort of "argent crusade" faction that you work for and then at the end of the expac someone will ultimately screw up and the war will be back on.

    just my opinion however

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    That's why I like him. He's the only one who's making sense. There's a lot of big threats to Azeroth and distracting your faction with some petty war is the worst thing you can do. The end of the Jade Forest has the Alliance and Horde fighting each other in a big battle. This summons an enormous Sha which hurts both armies AND the innocents of the forest. If people were passive like Anduin nothing would happen and they'd focus on not causing pointless destruction for everyone, even themselves.

    Everyone's always like "I hate how Thrall's such a carebear" and etc etc etc. But thats because there's actually important things to worry about, not the Ally VS Horde war. If the legion invades Azeroth and they're too busy/weakened from killing each other, GG my friends. Great idea to fight each other instead of focusing on important matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vensu24 View Post
    Because Horde VS Alliance is old news and has become tiresome. It's time for a new direction.
    And the whole "Lets hold hands and work together" isnt tiresome? You know the theme we have gotten in WC3, BC, Wrath, and Cata?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadiu View Post
    Yeah, I totally agree. WoW should only have characters who go "rawr me kill u". Any other type of character is just horribly written or boring. This game ain't World of PEACEcraft is it? No. Everyone should want to kill each other and go to war, there is no peace in a world of warcraft. /s
    There will never be world peace on Azeroth. Things tend to happen at the worst possible times.

    Examples include the Forsaken rebellion and the Cataclysm itself.
    We have faced trials and danger, threats to our world and our way of life. And yet, we persevere. We are the Horde. We will not let anything break our spirits!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreknar20 View Post
    And the whole "Lets hold hands and work together" isnt tiresome? You know the theme we have gotten in WC3, BC, Wrath, and Cata?[COLOR="red"]
    Because, you know, Garrosh totally didn't send his air support away to attack a naval support, then further attack the Alliance base in Twilight Highlands. Nope.

    Peace between the Alliance and the Horde dosen't mean PEACECraft. Typicly there was peace between the two factions untill Wotlk, there was just rising tensions between the two in a unsteady peace.

    With so much crap going on with the Old gods and the Legion, and the repairing of a broken world, the Horde and Alliance can't afford to bicker, that is what Wrathion and Anduin are going on about.

    Also. I find it hilarious that people think that Anduin going 'neutral' means that he'd clap his hands at the Horde slaughtering the Alliance. No. That isn't going neutral. Thats turn coating. Anduin is trying to have the Alliance and Horde work together, if the Horde didn't play nice, he'd put them in a time out.

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