Name: Jachson Celevan
Age: 30 (Deceased)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin

Languages: Common

Faction: Alliance

Personality: Honorable and Loyal to anyone in the Alliance. He will aid anybody of the Alliance, if it for an great cause. But this doesn't mean he has enemies. Necromancers, Death Knights, anything related towards darkness and death he disagrees with. His father was a defender of the light, and his father before that, and his father before that, and so on. So, if your a Necromancer, don't expect to be great friends with him. He is a great conversationalist, though, and can keep a good conversation going for about an hour.

Likes/Dislikes: As mentioned before, he dislikes the darkness, and will not usually talk about it that much. On the other hand, though, he loves the light. Being a Paladin, he will fight in any fight with the power of light.

Appearance: He wears heavy golden armor, usually shining before battle, but afterwards, dull and dirty. He usually brings it to the local Blacksmith afterwards to get it repaired after a long, hard-fought battle. His blade is long and sharp, strong enough to peirce even the strongest of armor if in the right hands, and with infused with light, it can really be a great weapon. He paid top gold for this weapon, and it was gold well spent.

Strengths/Weaknesses: He can get very clever with how he uses the light, in ways some paladins thought impossible. But, unfortunantly, he can be worn out very quickly, some spells and attacks taking up most of his energy. But he can still press on until the end, even if some of the more powerful spells and attacks aren't as powerful as they could be.

History: Jachson Celevan was the husband of Emma Celevan, a Priest of the light. They were both Ligth fanatics, and would do anything for it. But, when they got the news that they were going to be parents, at first they were ecstatic, but it soon fell to despair, as they couldn't possibly take care of a child. But they didn't want to just give him up. They ended up having the child and named him Krowe. Krowe was a bright baby, and happy. But, it became near impossible for Emma and Jachson to take care of Krowe with their busy scheduals, so they ended up taking him to the orphanage, and only allowing the owner to know his first name, not his last. They didn't want others knowing of this. About 2 years later, Jachson was told he needed to aid in Northrend, so Emma tagged along to make sure Jachson was okay. As they fought the waves of Undead in Northrend, they became tired, so they took a rest. But, when they awoke, their post was overthrown by the Scourge. A Death Knight spotted them both, and murdered them both. But before he could raise them as ghouls, reinforcements came and defeated the Scourge Invaders, and so, Jachson and Emma were buried where they died, as stated in the will they both shared. There was also a statement about giving all their earthly possessions to their next of kin, but unfortunatly, the Gaurds couldn't find any records of children, but they found a relative living here in Stormwind, one named Annabelle Celevan. They decided it would be simpler just to give the possessions to her, and forget all about this.

Other info:
- This Bio was simply an explanation for what happened to Krowe's Parents. Just a quicky Hope you liked!