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    Second Wind's stength comes from warrior mobility imo. If im second winding and no external heals are coming, I HL 40 yrds away and either intervene an ally or charge a critter or whatever or LOS and BAM im 70 yrds away regening.

    What people fail to realize is that wars are the only class with absolutely 0 self-healing until second wind. That means you can play as bitch and as defensive as you need to because we will slowly drain to 35% with no way to stop it: so as a feral, apply bleeds and kite/bear. Then you whip out the burst and its gg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Succath View Post
    Its funny to see that in Cata When warriors were getting kited and killed like a boss nobody gave a damn.
    And now that we have a strong ability people go QQing about it.

    I dont care i`ll go Wreaking havoc in pvp and i`ll love it.

    My problems don't come from Warriors getting strong self healing, it's the fact that they have unrivalled mobility, amazing CC some of the highest (if not THE highest) damage in the game currently (for PVP) AND they get the healing that can only be countered by certain classes. I played a warrior for many years now along with several other classes...i'm not going to keep playing the warrior as they stand at the just cheapens any victories I get because I'm completely unstoppable by default. for those saying you need to just stun and burst...don't forget warriors also have other cooldowns and in arenas will often just get someone peel for them, trinket or have external healing as well as their Second Win.

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    I can see sooooo many butthurts in here.
    While I agree that warriors are a bit over the top, Second wind is absolutely not the problem.
    You need to learn to counter it, like many above me said, save your offensive cds for the last 35%, blowing your cooldowns at the start of the fight is for pve.
    Learn to counter, learn to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsu View Post
    I can see sooooo many butthurts in here *snip* learn to play.
    So when people cant beat OP classes/specs its a case of "learn to play" ? I love how players defend their OP classes to the grave

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltyharbls View Post
    So when people cant beat OP classes/specs its a case of "learn to play" ? I love how players defend their OP classes to the grave
    I love how players can't even read 3 rows of text, really.
    I said that for Second wind, it's about a "learn to counter it", not about the whole class. idiot.

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    Its only really strong in 1v1, I still get blown up pretty easy by a couple Wizards.
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    Oh noes, warriors aren't free hks anymore. TO THE FORUMS!

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    I'm so happy that feral druids fear warriors once more. They are supposed to.

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    And? It's about time Warriors had something going for them.
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