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    wtf is wrong with lichborne

    srsly can't heal myself more than 2-3 times, even when i clearly see 5+ sec left on duration

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    Idk, its probably a bug, its retarded how it says "invalid target" after a while, im sure blizzard will have a little insight over dks.

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    Somethings wrong? :O
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    you probably don't have enough runic power

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    Totally thought it was just me.. I reported it as well.

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    From what I've heard, applying a buff during Lichborne will bug it out. Using Horn of Winter or Vampiric Blood while it's up will make you unable to heal yourself anymore.

    It's a bug, report it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewski View Post
    you probably don't have enough runic power
    Lol clearly don't play a dk?

    It's definitely bugged.

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