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    I heard getting high ranks in content when it's less then 48 hours old is hard.
    Zombie Vampire Werewolf

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    So, I played full haste tonight and it was flawless, it felt like it was something more than just viable, but I was curious about str gemming and I ran some sims with my current gear and apparently...
    With Haste gemming: 65214
    With Str gemming: 65498
    Haste gemming is even worst in an AoE scenario, so I dunno what to think, there's probably a turning point in BiS gear at a certain number, probably by gemming so much haste that you can hit like 1-2 sec+ less rune regen and match the gcd (example: from 8.25 sec rune regen to 7.00 sec rune regen).

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    I'd like to chime in as, as far as I can tell, the only poster on EJ who actually wrote about gem values. This is for 2hand frost. Let's start with a fact.

    FACT: When you sim yourself, all your stats will have a value, which is how the stat improves your dps per stat point.
    Let's say I'm in heroic gear, with some raid pieces, and when I sim my gear, I get the following values.

    Str = X
    Haste = Y
    Hit = Z
    Expertise = Z
    Crit = A
    Mastery = B

    I'm using variables as everyone will have their own values, and needs to solve this equation themselves.

    FACT: Str will almost always be the highest value.
    FACT: If the choice is between 100 X, and 100 Y, and X > Y, then you want to take 100 X.
    FACT: For every sim I've seen, for 2 hand frost Haste > Crit > Mastery
    FACT: Hit and expertise values are irrelevant, while changing the value of a particular item, you can only assume with any set of gear you can reach the hit/expertise cap, therefore any changes in hit/expertise will be IDEALY reforged into haste. So, Hit = Y, and Expertise = Y

    FACT: We have a gem of equal value for each color.
    Choice 1
    320 haste = Yellow
    320 expertise = Red
    320 hit = Blue
    For convenience, as we'll be taking that hit and expertise and reforging it, we can gem the following the keep the stat bonus, and require less reforging.

    Choice 2
    320 haste = Yellow
    160 haste 160 expertise = Red
    160 haste 160 hit = Blue

    Choice 3
    Straight STR

    Because hit and expertise added to a gear set will result in it being reforged away to haste (ideally), the stats share the effective value of haste when choosing gems in a full gear-set. However, as stated in a prior FACT, Str > hit and expertise and haste. But in the case of gemming, str gems get a 1/2 modifier, to make them more interesting.

    So the choice becomes, IGNORING socket bonuses
    160 str
    320 haste

    And the choice is simple

    If X/2 > Y, gem STR. This option gets a little more complicated when considering socket bonuses.
    If X/2 < y, gem Haste as above. This option as the added bonus of getting EVERY socket bonus for free.

    The 509 gear values on EJ, and in my sims, are as follows.

    Str = 1
    Hit = .674
    Expertise = .674
    Haste = .597
    Crit = .394
    Mastery = .339

    FACT: For 509 gear, if the sims are giving us the right numbers, it is mathematically beneficial to gem choice 2 as above. Which means haste.
    These values change for everyones individual gear, change if you hit GCD cap without UF or Lust, change if you cannot reforge away enough hit and expertise without sacrificing haste, change for JCing gems, and change if the sims are giving incorrect numbers.

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    Level JC and use the +320 strength gems. /end thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosluoc View Post
    Level JC and use the +320 strength gems. /end thread
    More than two gem slots? /kk

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