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    Shadow Blades + Adrenaline Rush

    Is it smart to blow these at the same time so they synergize and always come off cooldown together, or should they be staggered somehow?

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    I use them both at the same time. Usually right after Killing Spree.
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    I went ahead an macro'd them together since AR increases attackspeed now anyways (more auto attacks).

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    Ok well lets think about this. SB buffs auto attacks, therefore using it during the period with the most auto attacks is ideal. AR (other than the once a fight hero/lust) is the time that occurs. SB rewards you for using more cp builders during its duration. AR is when you are going to be using the most cp builders. RB makes delaying cd's (to a certain extent) extremely detremental. So if you didn't stack them, you would have to delay one of the two not only for the full duration of the other, but for quite a bit longer as both SB or AR give you a combo point generation spike meaning the difference in RB reduction would be significant.

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    There are no reasons NOT to link them. There are, however, plenty to suggest you should:

    - Synchronized cooldowns due to Restless Blades
    - Increases auto attack damage when you're dishing out as many of them as possible
    - Increases combo point gain when you're gaining them as fast as you possibly can

    All of which has already been mentioned by Sesshou, above. I'd also like to point this one out, though...

    - The increase in combo point generation during a SB+AR combo also results in additional finishers. Additional finishers, due to Restless Blades, result in reduced cooldowns on your cooldowns.

    Summed up in short, the benefits are thus:

    - Synchronized cooldowns
    - Reduced cooldown on those cooldowns
    - Higher cooldown uptime due to the above
    - Increased combo point gain
    - Increased auto attack damage

    This is why I hate and love this ability. It feels so out of place on Assassination, but it just fits perfectly on Combat.

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    Cool. Ive been using them together while leveling for most of the reasons you listed, mainly increased auto attacks. Just wasnt sure if there was some trick I was missing.


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