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    Truly enjoying my Darkmoon Tonk, he is consistent and team for the Legendary Beast battles is Mr.Wiggles(Lucky skill), switch right away to the Anodized Robocub(Demolish) and the Tonk if cub dies for a guaranteed and fast win! I bring my Tonk for all baby levelling sessions because he never dies twice

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    The first 25 I had was a Darting Hatchling, though I would recommend pretty much any of the raptors. They make power leveling a breeze (as they are strong against critters) and they have the devour ability for a self heal.

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    Minfernal, Scourged Whelping and Feline Kitty is my ultimate team. I usually swap one of them for Lil Xt against beasts and Water/Flying pets when needed.

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    For levelling lowbies i use Singing Sunflower (For the heal bonus) and Kun-Lai Runt, to destroy the critters in Vale of the 4 winds. He self heals for being Humanoid and Rampage can oneshot the nublets.

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    My "Go To" team is generally Onyxian Whelpling + Spawn of Onyxia (the Power breed). This is at level 25.

    These two will decimate most things I fight, making for an easy boost of a third low level pet. There are some exceptions where I drop one of them (usually the spawn) for a more appropriate specialist.

    Currently I farm the following dailies:

    : Not much to be said here. Many level 25's can solo the teams, I just pull in one low level for 1 round to give it the XP boost. These are easy farms for bags and I have an alt camped at each one.
    Outland: (I teleport to Shadowmoon Valley using Blessed Medallion of Karabor) I use my My two dragons handle them quite easily, leaving room for me to add a lowbie to my ranks for easy XP.
    Northrend: (I use my tabard of the Argent Crusade to teleport to the Argent Tournament) This one took a while to find an ideal lineup. Onyxian Whelpling vs the Bear. Clever use of Heal and Lift Off means I will kill the bear with between 40% and 80% life left to have a swing at the Mechanical Strider. I have yet to beat the Mechanical with my dragon but it doesn't matter because Fel Flame devastates this pet anyway. Fel flame then open up on the plant and gets it fairly low before I finish it off, preferably with a level 23/24 critter or aquatic I am levelling.
    Uldum: I don't do this every day. But it's quick enough to get there if I am in Orgimmar, just using the portal to Uldum. I use Clockwork Gnome against the Snake, double rocket kills it easily, but the Gnome doesn't last long afterwards because the poison (elemental) dot annihilates it fast. Onyxian Whelpling decimates the Moth and can often finish off the scarab, but I would normally sub in a low level mob here. Spiders decimate the scarab, but I have levelled up most of my spiders, so now I normally just go with a level 23/fresh level 24 for optimum XP gains.
    Valley of the Four Winds: This one is near the farm, so it's close by. Solo'd easily by the Water Waveling using it's wave attack to kill the back row while the sunflower heals. Once the back row is dead, switch to a normal attack and finish it off. I will level anything that can survive about 4 of the sunflower's sunshine aoe blasts.
    Vale of the eternal Blossoms: I tend to pass through this zone almost every day, making Aki a convenient stop (plus she's close to the Earth Spirit Tamer). I open up with Flayer Youngling which annihilates the cricket. I use Deflection to survive the Dragon's opening spell. When the Flayer dies I pull in Onyxian whelpling, kill the dragon and then use Lift off in the first round against the otter. It's easy to sub in a lowbie during the last fight once the otter is nearly dead, or I can sub the whelpling back in to finish the job.
    Jade Forest: Probably one of the easiest dailies there is, and it is close to the Air Spirit Tamer, making it a convenient stop. I bring both Dragons. Open with one of them and kill both the moth and the snake. Because the turtle hits hard with its opening attack I lose my dragon 50% of the time. If it dies it doesn't matte, since I substitute in a level 1 for 1 round anyway, then bring in one of my dragons. The dragon can use lift off to dodge every second attack, and heals to recover from the rest. I normally end the fight with 1 (or 2) dragons on full health, and level 1 boosted to level 11.
    Water Spirit: Double Dragon time again. I normally kill all three opponents with 1 dragon, substituting in a mid level pet (for levelling) for 1 round only. If I happen to lose my first dragon, the second one finishes the job.
    Fire Spirit: Double Dragon. I often lose my first dragon half way through the fire spirit. The second dragon can handle the firefly, leaving me free to boost a low level pet by bringing in it in for 1 round against the firefly. I sometimes lose to this tamer if RNG goes badly against me. You also have to be careful about choosing a pet to boost: It has to survive the backline hits from the cyclone cast by the dragon, as well as 1 round against the firefly.
    Air Spirit: Double Dragon. Easy fight, I can boost a fairly low level pet quite easily - normally having it open for me in the beginning so I don't have to do a double swap at the end with that air spirit healing up.
    Earth Spirit: Open with Rapana Whelk to flatten the spirit and soften up the slime. Finish the slime with Onyxian Whelpling. That rat thing (Darnak the Tunneler) at the end is a pain, but the dragon does pretty well. I open with a Tail sweep while he shields. Then lift off to dodge the burrow and (hopefully) hit him hard. Then be ready to heal and dps. Normally I get Darnak to around 200 hp with the dragon and then let the dragon die, or swap it out, and bring in level 22 (or fresh level 23) pet I want to level up. As long as Darnak is on low health, he kills himself with stone rush usually long before my pet dies.

    The reason I don't farm the rest of the dailies is that doing all of em every day takes more time than I have patience. These dailies are a quick route and I know em well.

    Of the 10 dailies I do most days, 6 of them use the two Onyxian dragons. 3 others using only of them (I usually go with the Onyxian Whelpling). The two dragons also work pretty well against most of the beasts of fable.

    I don't doubt that there are several other pets that also work very well, but honestly, after the success I have had with the Onxyian pair, I have had little need to even try that much else.

    Something I don't recommend the Onyxian twins for is capturing wild pets. They tend to kill their prey. My favourite pet for this purpose is my Nordrassil Wisp. Flash does low damage, but blinds the target, meaning it can't hurt me while I try to tame it. Perfect for the purpose. If the target still has high HP I can use Light to bring it down a big chunk, but once the pet is below about 700 health, I find it safer to just slowly bring it down doing Flash and Arcane Explosion.
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    Try chrommagus, he HURTS you got nuke and it becomes even better with beast racial and roar

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    I havent seen Spirit of Competiton mentioned at all. Probably the rarest of pets, but is it any good? Im new at pet battles

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnotherInternetOpinion View Post
    I havent seen Spirit of Competiton mentioned at all. Probably the rarest of pets, but is it any good? Im new at pet battles
    Nah, it's useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnotherInternetOpinion View Post
    I havent seen Spirit of Competiton mentioned at all. Probably the rarest of pets, but is it any good? Im new at pet battles
    Yeah unfortunately he's pants

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    Magical Crawdad, Toothy, and soul of aspects is pretty unstoppable. The healing from my crawdad + sunlight buff is ridic! Unless someone counters you with darkness it's always gg.

    Experimenting with ghost bone spider with grip (undead), crystal spider with stun and my Scourged Whelping for dots. Also a lot of sustain healing from leech and whelping. Having 2 undeads may prove to be not as effective, may replace an undead with a nuke pet. Haywire springs to mind

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    I actually like the disgusting oozeling + Scourged Whelpling on my leech team. you get 2 DoT/Debuffs, and plagued blood is extremely powerful for multi-hit abilities, or even just powering up through death and decay + 2x hit tail swipe.

    Sadly Son of animus is what I want to round out my team but hes so elusive/expensive

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    To start with Pet Battles i recommend the Feline Familiar (Hallow's End / AH) perfect against Critters, with the most important abilities availabel at first (Onyx Bite vs Flying, Stoneskin vs DoT's Swarm etc. and Devour vs Critters and as a heal)
    It may be not that useful in PVP or for the Dailys but it is great to start with.

    The Clockwork Gnome (Archaeology / AH) is a strong Fighter in general, quite easy access to it too. Strong against Beast with the important abilities also available at lvl 10.

    With those two Pets you should be able to finish off 95% of the Wild Pets without the need to heal at all while lvl'ing the Pets you want to get up to 25 for PVP or the Dailys.
    If you have a decent amount of "good vs Dailys"-Pets you will prefer to lvl pets by finishing off the Daily Trainers (4-5k EXP per Trainer)

    I havent seen Spirit of Competiton mentioned at all. Probably the rarest of pets, but is it any good? Im new at pet battles
    Spirit of Competition is in my opinion a great Pet for most of the Daily Trainers, breed with more HP and damage, Tail Sweep as a bigger hit when attacking last, with a heal and a Lift-Off to counter Burrow etc. But not good vs Wild Pets, well there are choices you will frefer since they deal mroe damage faster.

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    If you wanna break, and I mean BREAK the Beasts of Fable (if this hasn't been mentioned yet):

    Soul of Aspects (Sunlight)
    Nether Faerie Dragon (Life Exchange + Damage until >25% on target so Dragonkin racial activates)
    Any Bird of Prey (Predatory Strike to one-shot)

    There is 3 other pets that know Sunlight, and 2 others than know Life Exchange, so they have alternatives.

    So, you start with Sunlight to boost the Legendary Pet's health super-high. Switch on the following turn to your Life Exchange user, and use it. It will cut the Fabled Beast down to 50% or less total health. Use a decent attack to wear it down fast (before Sunlight expires). Switch to Predatory Strike user before Sunlight ends. Attack with Predatory Strike, watch attack do regular damage, then deal about 2000 damage due to target being under 25%. You win.
    Games are not necessarily "easier" today. You are just a better player.
    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theunit187 View Post
    My primary pet is Onyxian Whelpling. This dude just faceroll everything. Has good damage and self heal, I managed to fight my pet of 12 lvl against 23 lvl pandaria pet and my whelpling won!
    Though I lost the battle cause others pets suck ^^
    I used Panther Cub 12/12.5 start with Spawn of Onyxia as the #2 (similar). Great team. I'd swapped out SoO for Wild Crimson for fast track leveling other pets, with Panther Cub as the leader.
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    I would say a pussycat

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    I carry 3 Nether Rays (or 2 with something else) Only reason is my pet battle theme is brute force, and for me the Neither Ray has abilitys that a strong against a lot of different types.

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    I kinda stopped doing Pet Battles after the nerf on Flayer Younglings.

    What could I pick up to get started again? Any good ideas for a good combo ?

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    I head that Lil' Tarecgosa was amazing

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    As did I. Gonna buy it later today.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fistbane View Post
    I head that Lil' Tarecgosa was amazing

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    is there any real difference between clock'em the brawlers arena pet and mechanical archeology pet?

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    Aqua Strider since it's rare with 15 speed base.

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