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    Crafting Help

    I a new to GuildWars 2, and I would like to learn how to crafting "diciplins" (or what they are called in GW2), but when and where can I learn them
    I mean I have seen several Blacksmith's and Chefs, but no trainer.
    I play a human and I've been in divinity's reach but still I seen to wander around without being able to find a NPC that can train me.

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    the trainers are usually next to the crafting station. They are called master "discipline" usually.
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    In Divinity's Reach the crafting trainers are located a bit north from the southern (main gate) entrance to the city. On the lowest floor, not on the upper floor where the central park etc, is. If you know where Bank or Trading Post is, the crating trainers are basically below these.

    You can also find crafting trainers out in the world in some smaller towns or villages.

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    Here is a very good guide for crafting
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