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    Transmute Living Steel level requirements

    I was wondering what lvl is required to transmute Living Steel, i have my lvl 80 twink with 600 Alchemy and it seems i cant discover Living Steel transmute. Couldnt find anywhere any info about that.

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    You should be able to get it from making orange things, I got it before i hit max ''600''
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    I know my 85 alchy is 600 with living steel and riddle of steel.. I seem to remember learning both of them doing gem Xmutes.

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    You can proc the transmute discovery off making any alch recipe in MoP. Pretty sure you have to have 585+ skill before you can get it, but I'm not certain. Transmutes will get them faster, but doing the green to blue mute is a complete waste seeing as ore is common and Golden Lotus are not.

    Just make pots till you get it, or until you get the Trillium transmute and then mute the ghost iron en masse.
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    What Farabee said. Keep transmuting Trillium until you discover Living Steel.

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